Thursday, June 30, 2011

Challenge: Silhouette {landscape|colour}

IMG_3103 IMG_3104


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Challenge: self portrait {composition}

IMG_3076-2 IMG_3095


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Challenge: something green {colour}

IMG_3005 IMG_3012


brr frosty mornings!!



Monday, June 27, 2011

Challenge: clouds {colour}


Today these looked fabulous as I ducked outside at the crack of dawn.. sun coming up shining on the jet streams.



just fun with the pinks and oranges against the blue!



ahh that time of year…

    The toy catalogue time of year! the boys claim them and then they are out the door with them to school! lol. they did let me take their pics this morning.

IMG_3045-3IMG_3049IMG_3046 IMG_3051


Sunday, June 26, 2011

thinking about lots and lots of stuff

Before we get to the rainbows…
I realised today that I really don't share bits of me.  so rarely let out some of that wild insanity that is our life! Those that have met and chatted with me – my wonderful clients, my friends, my family I don't think would associate the word quiet with me. But I took a good long hard look at myself this week and realised I have been pulling the covers over my head and bunkering down and hoarding all the fun things that we (and I) do. Does this mean that we have wild and crazy days every day? nope just the opposite. But as a mum (and I am sure any mum and dad will tell you) ) that with children in the house there is certainly  not one single moment where there is not something happening. And if it is deadly silent (especially in day time hours) there are investigations to be done. – there is surely mischief being up to.


So all this thinking (and yes I cleaned up my house and did all the mundane chores like hanging out the washing (don’t you just love that job?) me too – not! :)  and had my mind galloping at a mile a minute with all these new ideas and things to do. I got to thinking grass roots. what is at the bottom of me, who am I and what do I love? where do I want to go, how can I achieve it, what sides of me do I feel like I am hoarding to myself.  And in the midst of all this thinking (and I did a bit of reading of a new mentoring guide that i have received last night) and it made me realise that I was scared of letting me out. I had started not being me, but striving to be someone that wasn't one particular person but all those pieces of people  and places that I though “should” be me. I also realised that the wants were obscuring my vision of the reality of what I have in my hands and in my life right now. I can want all I like but ultimately if I sit on my butt and do nothing I get nothing in return and I don’t see myself achieving my goals and dreams. I also don’t teach my boys to go for your dream and achieving whatever it is they want.


last week I bought this organiserIMG_3014 IMG_3015I just couldn’t resist it. I wanted an iphone but not really an option since I am on an awesome plan and dont want to leave it. Anyhoo, I ducked into officeworks for a printer cartridge and had a quick squiz up and down the aisles (as I love to just wander) and this was red – oh so lusciously red. It contains the business organiser but I don't really want one for that purpose specifically. I like just being able to jot notes down will nilly and have lists all in one place!

Next step was that I have been sucked into Pinterest. It is this amazingly inspired/inspiring website that you are invited to for access (but you can join or ask to join so not an exclusive secret society or anything like that!) and honestly it sets my creative juices flowing both for my photography and baking and generally anything else that takes my fancy! Oh and can I say that facebook is the most fascinating and entertaining time suck there is around? seriously I spend too much time on there some days (no self discipline I know :P)

anyway I discovered a few tips on blogging and the craving for organisation and the need to have a direction was finally seeing some light. I honestly didn't know that I needed it – just knew I needed something. And they had some printables to download my girl thursday blogging article, and while I loved the titles and set out, their patterns and colours weren't really me. So I dragged out my favourite Shabby Princess scrapbooking kits and made my own. So now I have a to-do list, a plan of what I am going to write about rather than the random – this is more for my JLB blog but it wont hurt me here too! notes to jot thoughts down and things that we all do to keep those memories and a just write. I need to jot thoughts down otherwise they stew, And since it has been a while since I either blogged or journalled I have been stewing/mulling/obsessing – which for me is so not a good thing. I need thoughts out of my head, otherwise insanity ensues



and so I put it all together and now it looks purty ….

 IMG_3019 IMG_3020 IMG_3023

I at least now have an action plan and a direction I can take myself. Time will tell if I can do it or will do it. but I am trying to be accountable for me and my actions so I figure this is the time. and it starts now


So accountability.. I need it.

These are my current learning/journeying to-do’s


  • Finish MLK Course  properly not the yes I got to the end to not have it all settled in my head kind of finish but the OMG there is light, there is camera there is action! I can do it!
  • Share my journey
  • Start the Fly mentoring by Angie Warren
  • Share my journey
  • Print my Joy of love book that I have only one story to go and I cannot find a pic anywhere for it so I might have to paint with words instead.
  • share it in a slideshow
  • Complete some self challenges and those from forums I visit. I need to do this for myself.
  • blog at least once a week. I would like to do more but hey since my blogs are so neglected now once a week is a start.



phew ok that is enough soul searching and self whinging.


now for cheery stuff.

I made rainbows : and we ate them all up :)


Pancakes for breakfast…IMG_2941IMG_2937 IMG_2947

and Tyler snowed his with sugar…

and then we made cookies (found them on pinterest  and followed it to good life eats blog – I modified the recipe to be gf by substituting the flours. all else was the same!


 IMG_2963 IMG_2972 IMG_2980


mm rainbows always make you smile!






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