Monday, November 30, 2009

he is 5!!! how time flies and he changes

The day is here that Caden has been waiting for!! Our baby boy is 5 years old. wow it seems like yesterday he was so tiny and scrawny! now look at this boy of ours!

November 04

November 05

 DSC06503 2November 06 november 2007 427   November 07

SONY DSC November 07

  November 08

IMG_7845 2

Happy birthday baby boy (oops not that!) I have been informed in no uncertain terms I CANNOT call him my baby anymore as "I am 5 now I am your big boy!"

Well my Caden you will always be my baby and I love you!

Happy birthday big boy!


Love you

Mama, Dada and Tyler

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tyler's bug

Ty is finally on on the road to recovery. His temp broke at 3 this morning and while he is still a little warm he is a bit better this morning. On the way to drop Caden at school C asked " how did Tyler get sick?" I replied that "he picked up a bug" thinking that response over I wondered if they would take the literal sense of that statement.....

..... Well yup Tyler did.

C's teacher asked T what was wrong with him and the answer was "I picked up a bug, it had a really spiky back and you can't touch it!" hmm that was an interesting take on the bug he has lol!

Monday, November 23, 2009

all about C

Caden has reached the age where he doesn't sleep during the day all the time now. He will on Friday but not much else. Today Tyler pulled the gems out and Caden just loved them. he lined them up, he filled the blocks with them, raced his car around them stuck them on paper. You name it he did it.


IMG_7800_1IMG_7803_1IMG_7814_1  IMG_7822_1IMG_7830_1IMG_7821_1


enjoy J

sometimes failure is a success

I tried to attempt some Christmas lights as a background today. Caden was my willing participant (Tyler is sick sick sick :{ ) at least for a little while. We set it all up had the music playing and minor success as I did get some bokehed lights (well red ones lol!) but Oh the smiles make my heart melt. Here is my gorgeous boy on the count down to his big day.


                           IMG_7836 wl


                          >IMG_7845 2


how gorgeous is my boy! I totally love the fact that he was busting a gut laughing while doing it and had a blast! totally worth it in my opinion!!

enjoy J

Saturday, November 21, 2009

scenes of summer boy style!

I totally caved in on Friday and bought the boys a super soaker each. They had been at me for ages and ages and being so  hot here I caved. They have had a blast with them and then we got the hose involved as well.  We took them to G'ma and Papa's as Daddy and Papa played in a charity golf day for cancer (they didn't go so well) but the day raised heaps for cancer YAY! It was overcast but HOT HOT HOT! As you can see they had a blast. G'ma got into the action but I am not allowed to post them here lol - G'ma you are a star!

summer 09 1 970summer 09 2 970 

These were me being a sooky la la keeping the camera away from my water pistol wielding maniacs and shot through the window where they thought is was a hoot to shoot me through the window. (cool effects though lol!) G'ma taught the boys how to shoot the windows! WE made sure that they were shut first! Thank good ness that G'ma has clean windows to get great shots through!

summer 09 3 970

enjoy J

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Couple from yesterday at the river...


                             IMG_7480 10x15

Daz took this!!

enjoy J

Friday, November 13, 2009

The River

The kids have been asking every single day for over a week now 'can we go to the river?" well finally today we made it. What a stinking hot day it was so the river was actually quite refreshing. I even got my feet wet!! Yes I took the camera but I haven't put them on the computer yet but fingers crossed I think I have  some awesome ones on there. Daz is even getting into taking some more pics - as long as I set it up. But he got some fabulous backlit ones today. I am so proud of my hubby!

Comment of the day came from Caden as he was retelling Daddy how he tried to pull mummy in the water - "mummy yelled No" (in a high squeally voice and proceeded to quote daddy as "mummy screamed like a girl"

Oh good thanks, not even 5 and I am getting in trouble for BEING A GIRL!

I can tell you this though they aren't going to have to get too much bigger to be able to pull me over, then I am in BIG trouble!


enjoy J

Thursday, November 5, 2009

sunset drive

Driving to work I see these awesome hay bales. They are in such big open paddocks and are that gorgeous golden colours and every day morning and afternoon I think that I really have to go and take some photos. So tonight we went out for a drive after dinner. The sunset light was simply gorgeous and as the fields were out near the airport there wasn't a great deal of issue with light in my eyes and flares in the lens (unless it was deliberate :P)

IMG_6802IMG_6814 10x20IMG_6776wotIMG_6787wotIMG_6808wot

I played with textures on these to give them a different look. While it isn't something that I routinely do I think they suit these pics!

enjoy J

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

waiting for pizza

We found a restaurant tonight that sells gluten free pasta and pizzas for eat in and take-away! So we had to test it out as tonight was Daz & my anniversary. 9 years we have been married! The food was really yummy and Caden polished off half a medium pizza to himself! I had Marinara penne, Tyler had spag bol but ate more of my marinara than he did the spag (or wormy pasta as he calls it!). Daz got a Capricossa pizza which must have been good cause there is none left!!

Anyway while we were waiting Tyler and I grabbed the camera out of the car cause he was getting ratty being bored. I didn't bother asking Caden if we wanted pics as he always says no and whinges.

here are a few from a voluntary Caden and always willing to do it Tyler!

IMG_6735 11x15IMG_6739IMG_6746IMG_6748IMG_6756 11x15 5IMG_6759

I have to practice a bit more on panning and motion photography as it is a crack me up giggle-fest when Caden thinks he makes it tricky for me to get a photo!! ha ha!

enjoy J




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