Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 31 Daily December Happy New "Years eve!

Where has this year gone? Our firstborn has turned 5 our baby has turned 3. We are well and truly into our 30s - how does this happen?!

As usual NYE for us was quiet. G'ma and Papa came over so the boys were stoked. Daddy and Papa played golf, mama and G;ma started creating the calendar for this year. (yeah it is late typical us!) We read stories and flew the rockets, we played T-ball and Daz shot the rockets so that G'ma kept us entertained for AGES trying to catch them! It was a really great day topped of by yummy dinner with mum and dad, followed by spending some time with Matt and Jo and the girls. It has been so lovely catching up with them while they are home for the holidays. all too soon they have to fly off again.

Again  I need to upload the pics (and video G'ma lol!) from the little camera. But here are a couple from the big one...

We found these rockets at the Australian Geographic shop in Canberra the other day. Same type as the little ones that the boys got fro Christmas but bigger. They are so much fin! Daz has put them on the roof a couple of time but they are really light weight so they come off pretty quick!


the rocket after daddy launched it.

IMG_9911-1 G'ma reading a story to the boys who are watching TV at the same time. These kiddos of our are definitely multitalented!


enjoy J

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 30 Daily December

WE headed off to Canberra today to see Mick and Ally and the kids. The new car went really well. Daz and I enjoyed the fact that we could listen to music while the kids watched a DVD thanks to the extra power plug in the back. As usual the kids fell asleep 1/2 an hour out from town so they were a tad shy when we first got there. That didn't last long. James was so excited to see them and within about 10 minutes they were all having a great time in the toy room. We couldn't believe it there was not a murmur or squabble out of our boys at all all day! amazing! Ally and I went shopping at Belconnen for a couple of hours while the kids played in the playground and Daz and Mick caught up. While is was  a big fail shopping wise for me I was really pleased that Daz had a great time. I picked up some very cute Santa/penguin/teddy bear lolly /cookie jars for 75c each which is cool for Christmas next year. I also bought a couple more Richelle Mead books - start of a new series that look to be really good. I think there are some photos on the p&s but I haven't downloaded them yet. Since Ty slept all the way home he was  not interested in going to bed so here are some self portraits that we took - Daddy wasn't happy with the flash so his is being kept out :)



gotta love  self timers and arms of couches to prop you camera on huh! :)

enjoy J

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 29 Daily December

Another quiet day at home today. It was hot again but the boys still have coughs so we are reluctant to bust out their slip and slide. Soon we hope. So Today was vege freezing day - oops sorry that is magic sauce making day! Caden really really dislikes veges, to the point he gags more often than not on them. so we puree up a heap and freeze them. They go into any possible sauce or meal that we have.  The latex muffin trays are a godsend as I use those to freeze them in and they just pop out - better than baking trays or plastic bags also it lets you have a good couple of tablespoon of veges in each one.


I wanted to try out the light in the boys toy room now that there is a little bit more room. Ty wasn't that interested but gee he is cute! Bunny got in on the action too!


enjoy J

Monday, December 28, 2009

day 28 Daily December

We finally gave in to the boys requests to sleep in the same room. We put Tyler's bed in Caden's room a few weeks ago cause I wanted to test his room out for studio space - only for a few hours. Today we made the move of Cadens bed into Tylers room so that it is now their room. Tim will tell how that goes. They were pretty excited - aka jumping off the walls and beds excited after the move was started. I decided that Cadens old room was now being the toy room and the study goes back to being an office. I think while I love having my computer out here in the dining room it may need to go back into the office again just for clutters sake really. We are over the clutter.

Daz moved the boys Plane shelf so that they can share it above their beds and I just need to make a collage frame of images of Tyler now for the  wall. We have one of Caden but Tyler needs one too. I have their name frames ready to print and a couple of matching frames ready to go so they will go up on the wall too.

here is some pics of the toy room - I never thought that I would ever get it organised. every time I turn around there were more toys just mutiplying!

One good thing is that I finally found the majority of pieces of a bob the builder puzzle that has been in pieces for nearly a year. just have 4 more to find!



We built the toy box this time last year and the poor thing is still nude. We really need to get some colour on it.

Enjoy J

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 27 Daily December - Dancing in the rain

It has been raining on an off all day and humid and hot to make it worse. We had a minor emergency visit from G'ma and Papa today as they are travelling back to Wollongong to take Nanna back but we left Blankie at their place. Caden was ok for a night with out it but come the second night not good. So G'ma and Papa brought her back to Caden who was sooo pleased to see her.

I cleaned out Caden's room today getting rid of brown and unused toys and basically the crap that you accumulate. The toy box was emptied and all the pens and pencils are going into the pencil box now.

Later after all that is finished Daz started cleaning the back yard and the BBQ and the kiddos were 'dancing in the rain' aka the hose! They were so funny laughing the whole time.

IMG_0112IMG_0113IMG_0114IMG_0115IMG_0109  IMG_0117

and of course they finish it off with an argument!

enjoy J

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 26 Daily December - Checking out the new stuff

Since we were at G'ma and Papa's for Christmas day we didn't really get a chance to explore the new toys that the boys were given. So we spent the day building and playing and checking out the new stuff and shooting rockets into the sky. I have to admit it didn't take long for the kids to figure out you can play guns by pointing it at different angles! In the afternoon we spent some time with Matt and Jo and the girls. The boys loved their costumes from America and Charlotte seemed to like the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton that we gave her. Abs was happy with her Dora books that played music too. All four of them played and coloured and chased each other around then settled in to watch Snow White while we caught up on news and stuff.

here are the boys into their stuff in the morning



Friday, December 25, 2009

DAy25 Daily December - Santa just flew past my window!

   They were the first words out of Caden's mouth this morning. They made it to 6am which I thought was great! here are a few pics from the afternoon at G'ma and Papa's place. Tyler took a lot of them with their new camera. I will blog more later.

xmas board 3xmas board 1xmas board 2

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

day 16 daily December

It is the cake decorating day for school tomorrow! The kids last day now till they go to school next year! So we found some Christmas cake tins this year - a Santa and a tree. The request was for carrot cake and then iced as usual. Who am I to argue!


the cakes in all their decorating glory! Yum! and some mint biccies for the kiddos teachers at school!


enjoy J


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