Thursday, April 29, 2010

they are learning to pose!!

There has been a change in our house lately, probably because I have learnt to back off annoying the kids with so many photos but their attitude towards them is changing for the better. Especially Mr Elusive Caden! Usually he is off and running as soon as I grab the camera but just the last couple of weeks he has wanted to pose and also have photos. We dashed outside before school (he was already dressed like that) took some on the road (haven’t done them yet) and this is one of my absolute favourites!

IMG_7259IMG_7265_5x7>And the munchkin, I had his outfit all looking cool, new boots, groovy hat, camera ready walking out the door to go to the park and take Caden to school and what happens?
yep it starts to rain. good o. So this is the only shot I managed to get from him looking good! :)


enjoy J

Play day

Thursdays are play day at our house with Little Miss G coming to play! Tyler and Caden jump around like loons when they realise that Miss G & her mum are coming to visit! I also take the chance just to snuggle (I love love love chubby baby cheeks, gummy grins and snuggly bubba’s) and  play dress-up with the new hats and crocheted creations I make! And of course there is no use posting without a couple of photos!

Because I dragged out the beanbag Ty just had to test it out..


and then with miss G


And then I discovered a scarf that I had was a magic one – like a big sheath or as it turns out cocoon!   IMG_7341

Because I am on a bit of a pink kick – getting to see two gorgeous  baby girls I had to make a matching pink (almost salmon pink really) and brown hat – to match my favourite blanket at the moment!



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When waking up early is worth it.

I had to admit that the 5.30am wake up call from Tyler was not particularly welcome. It was one of the few cold mornings that we have had this autumn, I was snuggly warm but he was ready to start the day. So we got up and not an hour later when I glanced outside I noticed this cool glow on my neighbours car. Well being the intensely curious person that I am I had to check it out very quickly followed by grabbing my camera. This was totally worth the early morning wake up call.


It made me think of a fire in the sky. Tyler was fascinated by how quickly the colours changed but this started our day well.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Holy bokeh batman!

I do have to admit to loving when I get great bokeh (you know that really blurry background) I cant say that recently I have had much luck but then I have been focusing on people photos and particularly the little kids photos adn man they move fast! But yay I did it! At the Botanical Gardens while the kid were occupied doing this…


IMG_7047IMG_7048IMG_7051IMG_7125I was shooting this…


IMG_7055IMG_7056IMG_7057IMG_7059IMG_7075IMG_7095IMG_7099Wahoo can you say creamy bokeh baby! The plants looked pretty cool too! Makes me want a true macro lens just to get the better up close shots but hey these are pretty good if I say so myself! better than others I have done before!


IMG_7112 hey snap!


 IMG_7124 IMG_7160

look at my little monkey!

enjoy J

this looked cool…

While at the park with G’ma and Papa  I looed down and there was a shaft of sunlight hitting a leaf just right…


looks cool huh!

enjoy J

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anzac day march

Every year we try to get to the ANZAC day march. We haven’t made it to the ceremonies yet though. This year Caden was full of questions and the boys really enjoyed watching the band and the sliders march. It is actually quite nice that Caden was really interested in the different uniforms and what they do. He knows that Daddy worked with the planes in the RAAF and that our neighbour is  in the Army. We actually got there early enough to get a front row spot in the main street this year and also claim a couple of flags to wave as well.


IMG_6987IMG_6992IMG_7007IMG_7011IMG_7016IMG_7032IMG_7034IMG_7037IMG_7042 Thank you to our Diggers and servicemen and women.


enjoy J

Thursday, April 22, 2010

zshoozshing the magic Sauce…

ha ha it sounds like something Dr Seuss would make up!  For about the last 12 months or so I have restarted making puree vegetables again. just like I did when the boys were babies eating solids for hte first time. Again this is so that the nutrients and vitamins that come form eating the veges is still available to my number 1 son who is only just now contemplating the benefit to trying a vegetable. Not that he eats them but now that the magic sauce is put in everything he preferred to eat it all when it is in it. Funny that Things taste better with veges! For many months we could not eve utter the ‘v’ word with out him refusing to touch anything. So the magic sauce was created, Since he wasn’t very interested in cooking and helping it was easy enough to prepare when he wasn’t around and pop them into every thing. and I mean everything. Now he has figured out that the magic is the veges but he will eat it because he can’t see or taste them. Ty on the other hand loves his veges and cannot get enough of them. but he loves to zshoozsh the magic sauce into being! it is only a bar mix dup that we use to puree but the zshoozsh sound it makes has given it its name in our home. I cooked up a massive pot of veges last night  and while it was too late to zshoozsh it Ty and I did in the morning. The best way to store it is by using the latex muffin trays. I fill 2 of these with the magic sauce and it lasts for ages after freezing. Well today we made 2.5 dozen vege patties and we are all stocked again. I used the opportunity to try out some DGC tests to keep figuring out how to use it and that was handy!

So here is my little zshoozsher with his magic sauce!


magic sauce


enjoy j

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

these kiddos totally crack me up!

The light was just  divine tonight as i walked out side. It was only about 1/2 an hour before sundown and it was the gorgeous pink glow over everything. So what was a mum to do but grab the camera and catch her monkey’s in action.


IMG_6673checking out the rocket on the moon IMG_6679_5x7

singing Highway to Hell IMG_6685_5x7making me laugh IMG_6688_5x7 Finding the monster in my lens.


A bit earlier we played Tyler’s favourite game… Bright buttons he absolutely loves it.

IMG_6667 IMG_6668 IMG_6670IMG_6671 as Smart Object-1

enjoy J

Monday, April 19, 2010

HE found it all…


We have been searching for months for all the pieces of Caden’s Dragonoid big dragon. He got it for  his birthday last year and has avidly watch the videos on the net as to how to put it together. Well when I rearranged Tylers room yesterday the final piece was under the toy box. Caden sat down straight away and built it, no help from me (thank goodness!) so here he is in all his happiness!

IMG_6636_5x7IMG_6644_5x7IMG_6648_5x7IMG_6656IMG_66405x7can you tell he has had enough? 

IMG_66595x7enjoy J

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the big submarine outing!

       The boys took off for a boy morning out to Holbrook this morning with the submarine museum. While they didn’t check out the actual museum they did check out the submarine. They had a blast of a time climbing and imagining and exploring. Daddy did a great job at catching our boys in action as submariners (well beached ones!)<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA><SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA><SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>





enjoy J


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