Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blossom in our driveway!

As we were heading out today Daz noticed this new blossom that has popped up out of nowhere.



adjusted levels only in the next one - played with sliding the middle slider across mostly!


and found this one at the park this morning! nothing like a flowerless aggie!



enjoy J

Day 31 - Last day of January!

Oh my gosh where is time going?

ok Saturday what did we do?

we went to the park.

we played on the swings.


(I wish I had moved more so he was in the middle - one to remember for next time!)DSC01675

on the way down the slide...

I tried to get a nice picture of the boys and here is my 2yo version of nice at the moment


gotta love him!

DSC01677 DSC01692

race to the chair!

we went shopping - Mummy got a new JD Robb book Woo Hoo! and priced a 50mm f1.8 lens for her camera

Grandma came to visit. the boys ran around like they had had a massive dose of sugar!

the boys went for a swim after Daddy set up the pool complete with sprinkler and slide!

C and G'ma watched Beauty and the Beast (both of them love it!) 

I tried to get some photos of the praying mantis again for  the fb photoshoot III as a tongue in cheek look at a 'pet' today's topic. not totally happy with them though. Gonnna have to work out what I am doing wrong.

G'ma bought Mama 2 new books of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series Thank YOU!!!

ok that's about it.

enjoy J

The cuties

I took these and played a bit more in lightroom. I realised with a little help from a friend that I really need to work on my focus and exposure a little more, learn how to use curves in Photoshop properly and more practice.

SONY DSC  f5.6, ISO 400 1/15

SONY DSC f5.6, ISO 800, f1/30

I know now that I need to make sure my shutter speed is a lot faster for these shots to  be better as well. Thanks NP!

any cc is please welcomed as I am really wanting to get it right.

Day 31- hobbies {story telling and scrapping}

I love to tell our stories and memories though scrapbooking and doing the Stories in hand course last year helped me to keep some of those memories here not lost. this is my journal that I made for the times that I feel like journalling by and not on the computer!



enjoy J

Friday, January 30, 2009

Painting, heat, ears

Well we are well into the week of ridiculously hot temperatures. I think in a lot of ways I am so glad I haven't had to work yet. too hot!

We had Caden back to the doctors for his asthma meds adjustment today and got a new referral for the ENT as his hearing test came back with needing to improve the fluid in his ears and sinus issues. all in all he isn't too bad though.  C and I stopped at the Cole's there to see if we could find Tyler favourite icy poles - yet again to no avail. grrr wish I could find them again!

Caden didn't have a sleep today and was excellent all day. After Daz went to work I had a thought about getting the kids some paint to play with  as it is too hot to go outside to play. So we trooped off to the shops and grabbed some as well as a  couple of $2 shower curtains to act as dropsheets/protectors. here is the results...

   DSC01561 DSC01568 DSC01573 DSC01576 DSC01577

painted fingernails


And.. who needs paper when you have a tummy!

DSC01598 DSC01599


Then while I was getting dinner ready this child of mine decided that he would help eat his dinner before it even hit the table - well the beetroot anyway. I think he ate about half a tin in about 5 minutes and asked for more! he just loves it

DSC01611 DSC01615 DSC01616

love that cheeky grin that is showing up more often now - (sometimes!)

then after a sprinkler run and baths they sat still long enough for these!



and last but not least this little fellow ended up on our door!DSC01541

enjoy J

Day 30 - scrapping hobbies

My favourite scrapping magazine to read and re-read and find inspiration in!


and some of the scrapping that I have finished!






Credits - all supplies come from Designer digitals (Katie Pertiet, Anna Aspnes), Sweet Shoppe designs (Carnival kit),  Shabby Princess (bounce and wonderful kits),  MOriginals templates, Gina Cabrerra stitched frame, Jason Gaylor valentines brushes, Funky Playground designs (Traci Murphy Date stamps)


enjoy J

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29 - New bits of us!

The boys all got hair cuts today. they asked for spiky cuts! Caden just loves having a mohawk and Tyler normal spiky hair!

DSC01439 DSC01442

That afternoon the boys asked for tiger Spiderman faces. since the face paint has dried out in the heat a bit the black face crayon was the option. So while we aren't particularly artistic the boys loved them and had a great time 'prowling and growling around the lounge room

DSC01497 DSC01499 DSC01502 DSC01503 adj Rrrraaaaahhh!DSC01508 cadj DSC01513 cadj

wrestling with one another!

It is about day 4 in the heat wave of temperatures over 40C which makes it really difficult to keep the kids entertained inside. It is only about 5pm that it is cool enough to go outside to play.

enjoy  J

All about me!

This is me! I am a wife, a mother to 2 cheeky boys that make life fun. I teach primary school and love to take photos. This is my journey through life and photography with lots of different goals and dreams.
I hope to be able to bring my Photography to amazing quality through hard work lots and lots of practice!
I hope that I am being the best wife and mum that I can be(although I have to admit that a housework fairy would be the best thing to happen to us!!.
I have a huge attraction to crafts particularly scrapbookiing which I have been doing for the last 5 years - 3 of which is purely digital scrapping. I also have a tendancy when the mood strikes to do patchwork, cross stitch, sewing, embroidery, finger painting and other various kids type crafts!
My passion is my photos. I drive everyone insaen with the camera but hey thats me! I haev always documented just about everything with photos. I remember that my first camera was a red Kodak film camera that I had in about 3rd grade!

This is to document my journey of improving my photography. I have been striving to improve so if you feel like leaving any cc please do as I can learn more from my mistakes!

These are my images and should not be copied without my written permission.

Day 29 - Cross-stitch hobby

I love to do cross-stitch. I have to admit that it has been a couple of years since I have had the time to just sit and relax while sewing. I came across a couple of alphabet projects that I started when I was pregnant with Cutie #1 got as far as H! then bought a new kit and only half way through the first letter! I  will eventually finish these sometime in the far off future!



the pattern


the threads


my completed C for C's room - still not framed and he is now 4!


the B


my M of the Peter Rabbit alphabet that I searched for years for!


enjoy J

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28 - coloured pencils

   I have been thinking about what things are hobbies here. I know that I love photography and the kids are into colouring at the moment. So while I practiced my photography I played with their pencils to see what I could get .. this is what I came up with


DSC01402 cadj

DSC01397 cadj

DSC01387 cadj


enjoy  J


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