Friday, September 14, 2007

Cadenisms and way to go!

well Caden's latest Cadenism is the "know what..." and "hey look..." usually preceding anything that Tyler is not supposed to be doing or that little comment about the big mowers! I am pleased to note that C has now managed to say that grandma and Papa live in Cootamundra and that daddy works with cows! He has also mastered the art of riding his trike with the pedals rather than pushing it around! YAY for Caden!
Tyler has the walking and running thing well in hand now but manages to add in climbing as well- onto to everything. Luckily he isn't quite big enough to get on the couch and table yet, but I'm sure that it is a matter of time. He has now started handing you his bottle with a ta when he is finished with it - better than having the cranks because he ISN'T finished!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Spring introduction

Well what a week this one has been. First week of spring, great weather and the boys are heading outside to play a lot! Tyler is well and truly walking now. He stood up on his own on Tuesday (4th sept) and he was off! Caden has just twigged to the fact that Ty can chase him now and all you here is "Tyler, come on, lets go!!". It is so great to see and hear them getting along most of the time! Caden is definitely in that everything is mine according to the toddler rules phase, but unfortunately for him Ty manages to make his wishes known or they sit screaming for a bit till they either get distracted or whatever is the issue is resolved (usually by removal)! soon I hope that it will become less of a drama between them but at 1 and nearly three I think I have a LOT of waiting ahead of me!
Cadens newest Cadenism is the "Big hammer, fix stuff" followed closely behind by "Big mower Daddy, little mower Caden". All we hear at the moment is these comments plus a few more like "fix planes in the sky" (one of his friend's daddy's works with REX!).
It is so lovely to see him becoming more independent, taking himself outside to ride his bike, taking Ty out with him, happy to eat again (the reduced gluten diet is doing wonders for both of the boys!) and entering the whirlwind social scene of three year old birthday parties! (2 so far this year!!).
Ty started riding his bike (well pushing backwards really) but momentous anyway. Caden just barrels along and it is anything you can do I do it to for Tyler at the moment! so onto his bike and backwards he goes. so cute and very clever!! Doesn't take him long to get stuck though!!
I have a sneaky suspicion that Ty is going to be my more challenging child. At only 13 months is very determined to do things his way, colour in the toilet lid with texta (washable thank goodness!), eat by himself or not at all (love heading into toddler hood!) sit in the shower regardless of the water running or not as well as no matter if he is fully clothed (usually 5 minutes before walking out the door to school!) or not!
I can only wonder what the future has in store for us with these two munchkins at the age of discovery.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

daily something

well I have to jot down that I love the idea that I picked up from Ali Edwards' blog ( the other day about recording a daily something - a story that happened that day, scrap it quickly, doesn't have to be fancy but is just a reflection of what happened.

yesterday my daily something was a BIG duh moment for me, Off to work I go thinking that my phone is in my pocket. but no no it is at the bottom of the bath UNDER the bath water! bye bye phone! I have to admit that the sounds coming out of it were pretty cool if you like the sizzling electrical sparky sounds!! All Daz could do was shake his head, and find an old phone to reuse for a while!! silly Jodie!
ok by for now enough said about silliness!

Friday, August 17, 2007

latest shots!

toenail painting session - caden had a go at mine then his fingernails as well!
on the shrek jumping castle that we got for tyler's birthday - keeps them amused for a while at a time!
unfolding mummy's washing - so helpful!

Is it really August?

Well, hi everyone. I have just realised how long it has been in updating the blog and getting out news!! To start we are all really well. The kids are getting huge. Caden is talking up a storm now and it is really nice (most of the time) to be able to have a conversation with him. C is getting there with his toilet training which has made a huge difference to expenses for the month as he is only in nappies at night now. He is a really active little man and just LOVES to fix stuff as he puts it! that usually includes banging his elmo hammer on any hard surface - you know walls and tiles and blocks of wood, drain pipes what ever he can reach really! the other thing is that he loves to mow. tells us that he is going to mow the grass just about every other day! Tyler is now 13 months old and just starting to walk more than a few steps. He wants shoes on all the time now then tries to pull them off! We had a fairly quiet birthday for him, Grandma and Papa (my mum and dad) came over for the few days on either side which was good. He still has only got 6 teeth and is a GREAT eater compared to Caden - he has his fathers ability to eat pretty much anything put in front of him! He is trying to feed himself at the moment and apart from the mess and frustration on mum he gets a few in the mouth!
Caden is now in Daycare three days a week and Ty in two soon to be three. and going really well. Cadens teacher said yesterday that he is really popular among the kids with I thought was great to hear from someone not biased (you know like mum!!). I can see that his nature is rally loving and generous (when the two year old toddler rules don't kick in!!) He and Tyler get along really well and now that Ty is trying to walk Caden loves him to walk to him and gives lots of cuddles. Tyler is my little adventure and curiosity bug. he gets into absolutely everything - cupboards, cat food , playing in the toilet water - all of which we try to strongly discourage to no avail as we turn our backs and he is back into it all again! oh what joy. but generally he is a happy baby and has a very cheeky grin. he has a few words but the flavour of the moment is definitely daddy - a very english sounding plum in the mouth daddy!! but this week I have hear mum again. so at least he knows the difference!!
I have only got one subject - two assignments left of my studying and then I am all finished. how much I cannot wait for November 2!! I have just finished my second prac last week and the kids survived being in day care full time (in fact Caden loved it! Ty struggled a bit with not sleeping and picking up some of the nasty germs going around) but we made it without too many drama's! I went for my interview with the department of education on Wednesday so fingers crossed that I can get a job next year! I am hoping to have my casual number in the next couple of weeks to start doing that and getting some experience.
Daz has now been promoted to superintendent on the kill floor (in May) and is going well with it. long hours for him but seems to like the challenges it presents. He has had to retire from sport as time and age don't really permit!
We are looking forward to me going back to work again (as I have had 2 months of due to prac and no shifts) but I am really looking forward to being able to teach rather than working at night. but hey it is paying the bills.
anyway had better sign off for mow I guess and I think that this is most of my news for the moment. I will try to be a bit more vigilant in the updates but you know me (it slack really!)
any way lots of love

Saturday, March 17, 2007

time for an update!

Hi everyone, I know that it has been a while since i posted anything but I have finally got around to it. Life has been hectic here for the last few weeks and time is just flying past. It is hard to believe that it is the middle of March already. Well I am well and truly working three nights a week (apart for march) in pathology and while it is paying the bills I still have a few of the old issues with it eg still cant stand it and cant wait to not have to do it!!) but other than that it is going OK. I am two weeks into my prac now and really enjoying it, I have taught a few lessons and am learning quite a bit both about myself and teaching!
Daz and the boys are going really well. Darren has the entire month of March of as I'm on prac and he is loving being a house daddy! the boys are really enjoying having him home as well. Caden is talking really well now and other people can actually understand him!! not just parental interpretations!! he is really into planes as we can see them go over head in their take-off and landing patterns when we are outside. we took him to the fly day out at Temora in February and he had a wonderful morning! He is going really well at day care this year and has settled right down. no issues in the mornings any more. he just loves going and the two days there is doing him wonders! Tyler our little munchkin is now 8 months old and has just started to crawl one or two crawls in the last couple of days so it wont be too far away and then Caden is in trouble!! he still only has the two teeth an this week has started saying dad dad dad! no mum mum yet but we'll work on that!! Tyler is in daycare with Caden one day a week as well and is settling in quite well. the love the fact that he LOVES food! and has no worries eating it! anyway I'd better dash as Caden is nearly ready for bed and dinner is ready!!
talk you all soon (i hope)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

latest news

Hi everyone, Well the last week has just flown as has this long weekend. Can't believe that it is Sunday again already! I survived my first few days back at work and seem to be doing OK. It was really reassuring that I hadn't actually forgotten what i had to do and that I could read a blood film!! I will be working primarily in haem, coags and blood banking - you know my favourite areas! not! but the new system that I am working in seems much more efficient and user friendly!
The kids and Daz are going well. The photos are of Caden on his climbing thingy that he got for his birthday and Tyler checking out a rusk for the fist time the drooley bug that he is! Tyler has finally cut the second tooth and at times seems to be trying out new sounds everyday. Caden is coming out with new words daily now and is getting funnier all the time as he realises what he is doing now. He is going really well at school now and the two days is the right thing for him. He gets home exhausted but in such great moods that you know that he has had good days. Tyler is going through a not wanting to sleep for long during the day phase at the moment but is sleeping through at night so I guess that is a bit better than the other way around! Daz is pretty tired as he has been doing long days at work then having to come home to feral hour but we'll get through it. Other than that we haven't been doing a great deal.
Caden just loves making Cakes or Caa (sounds a bit like car) he even pulled the sugar and flour out of the cupboard yesterday for us to make one!! but the bonus for him is the eating of the batter, licking the beaters and the eating the cake!! He is still a HUGE chocaholic (just like his mum) and he tends to snap it if you say no. bless him!
Tyler is getting bigger now and had his 6 month shots the other day and was really good with them. he didn't cry too much and only has a couple of lumps at the injection site. He is eating solids really well now and loves veges - Total opposite to Caden - however will eat fruit over anything else though! He is up to 9.6kg now and 71 cm long so he is a good size to heft around - particularly when he is asleep and dead weight.
I have been still scrapping at the moment both digitally and paper. I created a mini album for the boys last night that turned out really well. I haven't used a premade board book and coordinated papers before so it was a lot easier to do than I thought. I have been out to the new scrapbook shop a couple of times lately and she has some really nice stuff and quite a few of the page projects that I am interested in looking at doing if time permits.
anyway had best dash as Caden is pulling me away to go draw with him
lots of love

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


hi just a couple of photos from the last couple of days. Tyler outside and Caden all kitted out for cricket!! Tonka hat and bat all ready to go. the only thing that he was missing in this photo was the Thomas gum boots that usually accompanies the other two!!


new things happening..

Hi everyone, things are moving along here at a rapid pace at the moment. Tyler is working on his second tooth and I have my first day back at work tomorrow. I managed to get a part time job in pathology working 3 nights a week at Dougls Hanly Moir in Calvary Hospital. Uni stuff arrived yesterday and unfortunatley for me there is an exam for this subject. So things are going to have to get organised soon! Luckily mum is able to look after the kids for the next few days as I am going to be working full time for the next 6 days! that should be really interesting. We came through the storm last night ok no damage and only a couple of power surges at around 6 last night and another at midnight. I think there was a bit of damage around town but didnt seem to be much in our area. Caden had a good day at school (daycare) today and is getting abit better at goin in the mornings .. maybe this might have been a good day. we'll se what it is like tomorrow when he is a bit more tired! The first of the artwork arrived home today in his bag.. a lovely little texta drawing. I'm sure the first of many.
Anyway bye for now

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new year to come...

Well this year has started and is going to fly right past us again! The boys are going well. Caden is now 2 and Tyler 6 months.. boy time flies!Tyler is sitting and rolling and has cut his first tooth. Caden is talking and chatting all the time now and is getting a wide vocabulary. The best thing we could have done was go ahead with his operation last year. they are starting to play really well together now. Caden just loves to try and make Tyler laugh. Caden is cricket and ball mad, can't get enough of hitting a ball around with any type of bat. He is also SUCH a BOY being so noisy all the time, if he isn't banging something, he is drawing on something, or dragging something else around. but I wouldn't have it any other way! Daz is still working at Cargill and while all jobs have their ups and down he still mostly enjoys the challenges it brings. Caden is in daycare two days a week now and wow do I love those days with only Tyler home - who also like the quiet as he sleeps much better during the day without Caden waking him up! I am still doing a lot of scrapbooking now but am really enjoying the challenge of digital scrapping using the computer. My paper scrapping is turning into making little albums and canvas' to decorate the house with and give as presents. These aren't as frequent but I really enjoy doing them when I have an excuse! I have been sewing a fair bit - Caden is growing too quickly, mainly practicing on shorts for the boys although I managed to make shorts and dresses for Christmas this year for our boys and the Cattell girls. they all looked really cute (luckily the Friday before Christmas was hot enough to wear them!). We had a good but quiet Christmas and new year. But within the next couple of weeks my uni will start up again and that means i am really going to have to become organised.. ha ha not likely!

bye for now




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