Thursday, July 21, 2011


was the day that I had to get out in the sunshine. All week I have been working really hard on getting a gallery up and the child care photos ready to give to parents. Tyler has been awesome – it helps that he is addicted to the DS. Bad mama I know letting him play so much but today I had so much to do and I was stoked to say I got it done. BUT we needed a time out. The sun was marvellous today. The weather was beautiful so Ty and I picked Caden up from school and headed to the park. I haven't worked on many pics (ok just one) but honestly I think it is a favourite.



We had a fabulous time at the park! And then got a message saying Daddy was home early from work!! even better! So today was a good day!


enjoy J

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy birthday baby boy!!


I cannot believe that Tyler has turned 5! How time flies so fast – from such a tiny thing that had a huge voice he has become a big boy that constantly eats, never stops and loves endlessly. Oh did I mention never stops talking?! in the lead up to today all he wants was a DS..

IMG_3371IMG_3426 IMG_3428 IMG_3431

and since he is mad for Angry birds on the ipod – I found a few patterns and made him a set…

 IMG_3365and G’ma and Papa got him a big pig

 IMG_3462 IMG_3463

Tyler Caden and Daddy are mad for Star Wars – the clone wars is a week night just before bed tradition in our house hold. Guess What Caden bought for Ty?

IMG_3412 IMG_3417 IMG_3420 IMG_3422


yep a set of light sabers!

IMG_3403 IMG_3410

Our budding Master Chef’s got a kitchen that has kept them occupied!

and a little bit of lego and a World Series baseball T-shirt from America as well! (Thanks Aunty Jo and Uncle Matt, Miss C and Miss A!)IMG_3442

So all in all the munchkin was spoiled rotten for his 5th birthday!


Stay tuned for party time!


enjoy J

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

today we…

Started the day going insane. This cold cold cold weather is so not nice. We are day 3 into holidays and being cooped up inside is so not good for sanity sake – especially when little brother just wants to play with big brother who wants some quiet time.

Anyhoo we went shopping – got some really cool shoes for the boys (perfect for photos), a new shirt, some coloured paper and drawing stuff.


Thank goodness that new textas+ new notebooks = content kiddos for a while.

Caden did these…IMG_3169IMG_3170 Tyler did this…IMG_3176

so we made some origami..

our ladybirdsIMG_3167 and our ghostIMG_3168


at kids request over the last couple of days we made cookies…

IMG_3154 fairy cookiesIMG_3156 jam dropsIMG_3158 chocolate chip (milk and white chocolate)IMG_3159

and dinner was lasagna… yum!


then we finished with jokes, giggles and snuggles IMG_3160IMG_3161IMG_3163this child of mine thinks it is funny to get in really close where usually I cant get the shot. haha joke is on him tonight as I had the right lens on :)


so that is our. all in all a pretty good day. much improved from yesterday when I was so over the day by about 3pm.


Oh nearly forgot to mention – I am  such a mean Mama – I made C do a journal writing exercise tonight too. He did really well. needed prompting to expand on “we went to the shops” but I am happy with what he did.IMG_3171


enjoy J

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holy Moly it is the 5th today!


Ok I confess I took the pics on the 6th for the things we did today. But I have not even been interested in picking up my camera for nearly a week. now that is something new for me. I rarely have it far away from me at all. We are inside bound. But for a great start to the day….

gave the kids their chore charts…

cadenchoreswtylerchoreswI gave them the same regardless of whether Ty is in school or not – he seems to want to read etc. I found them from here


So they were up and dressed and rooms tidied all before 7.30am. The incentive of each tick = 5min DS or Wii time apparently works :)


Then after they had been great, the other shoe dropped and nothing would keep them occupied or happy or from arguing so the day basically devolved from there. Bring on Daddy home time if you ask me. :)

But I did create some spelling and letter folders for them that kept them occupied for a little while.

Tylers – trace the letters IMG_3174And Cadens collage story – they had to cut out pictures from the magazines, make a collage and tell me a story. IMG_3173


enjoy J




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