Thursday, April 30, 2009

Few more from C's hospital day


enjoy J

Caden came through it...

Today Caden had his tonsils & adenoids removed and grommets put back in due to ongoing ear and sinus infections. We hope that this will help him to stop getting so blocked up and having ear problems including with his hearing. So we trooped off to the hospital at 7 in the morning as he was first on the list to be done. The boys slept well the night before which was good and we actually had to wake Caden up to go. He was really funny once they gave him his pre-med. he was lying on the bed all woozy and started singing the ABC song practically at the top of his lungs!! (of course being the mum that I am I have it on video!!). He was back by about 10 and slept for a while on and off. He was given some pain stop medicine at 1 and crashed till nearly 4. I took heaps of photos but haven't edited them yet so here are a couple that I have done!


These were taken in the afternoon when his anaesethic had worn off.

oh and what did we do while T was at school and C slept - well Daz watched TV and of course I took photos! I shanghaied Daz into sitting so that I could practice catch lights and he made me laugh when he was sick of it so I set up for self portraits! the funnier thing was we actually got some really good shots of the two of us!!SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC

enjoy J

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

March/ April 26 things

I have finally started gathering my 26 things list together!

1. fast - I used a fast shutter speed to capture the water!


2. Every Day beauty - the moonrise


3. Hidden - there a new worlds to explore and thoroughly enjoy in stories and books


4. On your feet - squishy mud!


5.Walk this way - through the rainforest garden at the botanical gardens


6. Change - we found this shell of a grub at the park near our house in perfect

condition as if the grub needed to change its skin!


7. Anxiety - I was really stressing this Easter that the boys wouldn't get to experience the yummy taste of hot cross buns because you can't buy gluten free ones in the shops. I got the recipe from a friend and on Easter Sunday morning we made them yummy!


8. A New point of view - I have been trying to use different perspectives in my photos lately and here is one where I got on the ground to capture Tyler's chubby hands while he played with the Thomas Trains.


9. Dreary - we had a dreary day with a big storm to top it off. The boys love it when there is a big storm because they get to puddle jump but there is always a rainbow after the rain (or maybe in this case during it!)


10. Growth - Our little man is growing up so fast. He is now starting trace his letters, recognise them and associate words with the letters. He can spell out and write his own name now!DSC04916_filtered

11. Technology - We all love the computer! Caden can turn it on and get into what ever program he likes to play as well as the Internet!


12. Joy is.... the look on Tyler's face when bouncing a balloon around!SONY DSC

13. Beginning - We are nearly at the end of the second month of Autumn and the leaves on the trees are BEGINNING to change!


14. What Matters Most - that we are a family and that we get to do things together - like blow out candles on our cakes!!

15. Lonely - this rope swing looks really lonely all on its own at the river. Come summer time it will be busy again!SONY DSC

16. Behind - One of my favourite photos of the boys watching TV snuggled in together!


17. Out the window. This beautiful blue sky was what I saw out my window today!!


18. Strength - this cool gnarly tree is all about strength - how it can even stand with the help of a piece of wood is amazing!


19. Irritating - this toy that the boys have is the most irritating thing they have ever been given. G'ma gave this to Caden for his second Christmas and while both the boys love it I cannot stand the noise. G'ma never really understood how irritating it really is until she had it and the boys together one weekend!


20 - Simple pleasures - Hot chocolate with marshmallows (I know it is very over processed but I thought that the marshmallows looked so cool like this!!)


21. Shapes. Caden's birthday card for daddy is made up of all different shapes! he even wrote his own name!


22. Upside down. It seems to me that in autumn the leaves always fall up side down to the ground!


23. Hope - I hope that these rain clouds bring some much needed rain!


24. Retro - this pile of discarded mufflers reminded me of movies back from the 80's and I thought that they looked the part of retro!!


25. Window shopping - ok totally different take but when I look at this shot of Josy it really makes me wonder if cats ever want holidays! She is here checking out the canvas I made of our trip to New Zealand a few years ago. window shopping cat style!!



Yay I did it all 26 things in march and April - granted most were done in April but I made it!!


enjoy J

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My cuties!

I love being able to take photos, I love being able to capture moments that once we blink are gone again and I totally love it when I get the boys in a great mood, sitting together and smiling for me!! (thanks grandma for the lolly pops!)DSC06676

enjoy J

Friday, April 24, 2009

Emily let me practice!!

I Was really lucky to have Joc's daughter Emily happy to come for a photo shoot this morning! Of course we woke up and it was overcast and really threatening to rain. We went to the botanical gardens then down the street. WE had a heap of fun and the photos were great. Here are a couple of her photos. Thanks so much Emily for working with me and suggesting heaps!!



enjoy J

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bits of today

The dudes went to school and Daz and I got to see the new Fast and the Furious movie which was really good. Love those chase scenes in the cars!! After picking the boys up we played outside for a while. Caden let me take a couple of photos  - more that he ran past me saying "Nah nah you can't catch me!" So here is my 'catch! my little Sportacus complete with his goggles and arm bands!SONY DSC

Our funny from this morning was:

Mummy: "What colour pillow case do you want?"

Caden: "blah blah blah!"

Mummy: " where did you learn that?" (without getting a colour answer yet)

Caden: " You know, I say it all the time"

now to fill in the gaps this was the first time he has said it to me and in a response to a question. He stopped me dead and cracked me up. Oh we are in for it as he gets older!!

Tyler wasn't too happy about falling on something inside. love those tears and the big strong squidgee cuddles to make them go away!


Oh and we are nearing the end of our biggest loser watching journey! The boys and I watch it every night (they do it some nights under sufferance asking every 2 minutes for Lazy town but they know Mummy likes watching). The boys are pretty savvy as to what goes on and the names of the people in it. they have learnt a bit about weight loss (more the excitement that the wight itself gives rather than the abstract concept of WL for them). SO it is down to the final 4 and only one more weigh in before finale. very cool!

enjoy J

Bed time SAM I AM!

Caden's favourite book at bedtime is Green eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss. He can quote it as I read it to him and he is also recognising the rhyming words in it. We always have a giggle at it when we ask each other if we would eat green eggs and ham!


enjoy J

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

next attempt at motion on a swing

well I had to try it again to get my feet in focus. IT is a little bit closer but I think next time I will try using my kit lens because it is wider than my 50mm and I am too close. anyway I am getting there! I have my absolute favourite shoes on that have just about had it and I really don't want to replace them as I have had them for nearly 5 years!!! (and they are still comfy!)


Week 5 Photography 101 {Creative Composition}

Week Five is all about creative composition. The assignment asks you to utilise 6 principles of composition -

1. Keep it Simple (KISS)

2. Apply the Rule of Thirds

3. Keep an eye on the horizon

4. Frame your subject

5. Fill the frame

6. Try a new perspective.

here are my recent pics for this taken in the last few days




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