Saturday, October 31, 2009

My budding photographer took these!

Caden was in time out for a little while today while Daddy and Tyler went shopping. When he got out he asked to take some pictures with my new camera. He did a really good job using the square in the middle to point it at my head! and we tested out the timer too to get a fabulous picture of us together - a very rare thing for me to have his happy.



enjoy J

it is supposed to be spring....

not summer!! Today was really hot. we haven't cleaned the air conditioner yet so that was out. So to get the kids a bit cooler we did this!


IMG_6591IMG_6594IMG_6599IMG_6600IMG_6601  IMG_6611IMG_6612IMG_6630IMG_6635IMG_6638


enjoy J

Thursday, October 29, 2009

checking out the spider park

We finally managed to get the kids to the new park that they have built at the Botanical gardens. Well worth every penny of the millions they spent. The kids loved it. There are heaps of climbing frames, slides, swings a giant maze, a flying fox and a massive area that the kids call the spider-webs. Hence spider park!

Daz is showing an interest in photography and I am getting better at handing over the camera! Here are a few pics from the day!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

playing with a name

I finally got around to painting the letters of the kids names yesterday and they let me take their photo with it. I haven't finished Tyler's Storyboard yet and this needs a bit of tweaking before I print it but I like it. It is SO him at the moment!


caden name frame for blog


Enjoy J

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr incredible visits us

We went to see the Telstra child flight helicopter at the park today. We missed seeing it land like we did last year but Caden wanted his face painted. Renae was one of the painters and while offering him ninja turtles and Spiderman he insisted on The Incredible's! Poor Nae was a little stumped but mastered it beautifully and we left with a very happy Jack Jack! (as he called himself! Of course to get a reasonable photo - the scary/funny face he loves had to come out!









Sunday, October 25, 2009

playing with light and backdrops

I have been trying to use the light in our house and figure out the best spots to take photos and get some great pics for the Christmas cards this year. still working on it but gosh I am happy with these shots of my boys!

IMG_6340IMG_6344>IMG_6346IMG_6352IMG_6356  IMG_6364IMG_6369IMG_6359IMG_6372IMG_6377IMG_6381IMG_6387  IMG_6380

enjoy J


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