Sunday, January 31, 2010

what a mess a thought can create

This is a over 2 day post. Daz measured and built some new storage shelves in the cupboard for me as the bookcase was over flowing and all the crap was just shoved in. But it was getting to the point that there was no hiding it, there were overflowing piles on piles on piles. So in typical J&D fashion we ripped out the old, made new and had a heck of a mess. I didn't get a before so you can just use your imagination...

in semi organised chaos and piles on the little desk, and the rocking chair and the cupboard and the floor... (need I go on?)

IMG_0598 IMG_0599        IMG_0603

the new shelves take one


I loaded them up and they fell down again, Daz being ready to be Mr Maker againIMG_0602

and voila new and clean and organised the new storage spaces. The only thing that I was annoyed at - the teaching resources took more space that the photo props!


enjoy J

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I got bored and no one else was around...

So I took my own photo! Surprisingly the broom,  a balloon suspended from the light fitting and a carton of coke work really well as stand ins for focusing! It is curious a) just how many dumb faces I can pull, b) how often I tilt my head - now I am seeing why I have tilted photos :)  and c) I think I am going to have to start 'prettying' up the corners of my eyes they are getting crinkly! lol!

so here I am again Apparently this January I have been determined to get in front of the camera as well as behind! IMG_05845x7IMG_0575

apparently I don't like my elbows or I have too much of a wing span! (in camera crop!)IMG_05875x7

I look so impressed don't I! IMG_05945x7

all dressed up and nowhere to go!

Oh and this is what I was doing on the phone to you Mum!

Ha and I could even get it into the POTD with signs... of age lol!


enjoy J

Friday, January 29, 2010

First day of big school

Holy Moly! It is finally here! Caden is off to big school! He is so excited. He was up at 6 and couldn't understand why we had to wait so long to go! He didn't start until 9.30. He started the day with "big school kids get their own breakfast" and proceeded to make his own coco pops! We only had one set of tears from him about 8.30 because he "just wants to go to big school"

He was happy for me to take some pics of him so here is a couple to start withIMG_0363 5x7  IMG_0360IMG_0358IMG_0372 5x7

and to keep him a little occupied he wrote out a note to his teacher with her name on it! Interesting expression but he was asking a question as I snapped and I dont get to see his big blue eyes in a pic very often!IMG_0376 5x7  IMG_0378 

I cant forget the pic of first day of packed lunches. One of far to many to even consider but here is his day's supplies!>IMG_0373IMG_0381

Oh and I should add in since I seem to 'fess up whenever I cry over him that I was all smiles when he went off like a dream. Put his bag away, sat straight down on the carpet with the other kids. I only had a little tear in the car after we left!

Enjoy J

just for fun

1.   What is your occupation right now? Photographer, Teacher , Mother, Wife......

  2.   What colour are your socks right now? none

  3.   What are you listening to right now?  Tyler asking me for another lolly and can he play with the football golf ball thingy we have

  4.   What was the last thing that you ate? spearmint leaf lolly

  5.   Can you drive a stick shift?  Yep
  6.   Last person you spoke to on the phone? Joc

  7.   Do you like the person who sent this to you?  Sure do!
  8.   How old are you today? 32

  9.   What is your favourite sport to watch on TV? depends on what mood I am in

  10.   What is your favourite drink? Coke
  11.   Have you ever dyed your hair?  Yep,

  12.   Favourite food?Lasagne or  Steak and garlic potatoes

13.   What is the last movie you watched? Avatar at the movies and Strawberry Shortcake at home

  14.   Favourite day of the year?  a quiet one

  15.   How do you vent anger? Unfortunately usually yell too much
16.   What was your favourite toy as a child? books
  17.   What is your favourite season? Autumn

18.   Cherries or Blueberries? either eww

  19.   Do you want your friends to e-mail you back? Sure, but only if they want too but since it is here on the blog you can cut and paste it!
  20.   Who is the most likely to respond? ??

  21.   Who is least likely to respond? ??
  22.   Living arrangements? Husband, two kids and a cat
  23.   When was the last time you cried? about 2 hours ago when I saw Caden had a great day!
  24.   What is on the floor of your closet? shoes

  25.   Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending to? not sending it :)
  26.   What did you do last night? Watched TV, edited pic, surfed fb and peas
  27.   What are you most afraid of? something will happen to the kids or Daz
  28.   Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?  Cheeseburger
  29.   Favourite Dog Breed  none - don't like them

  30..   Favourite day of the week?  Everyday is good but gotta love the weekends when the kids are at school and it is quiet
  31.   How many states have you lived in? 1

32.   Diamonds or pearls? diamonds and the bigger the better!


enjoy J

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{potd handmade} One child is so much easier to entertain

Than 2. Tyler started back at school (well daycare really) today so Caden and I spent it together. I had a nail appointment so we took the laptop and he watched ice age 2 and played purple palace for a while. He was so good. Then we did some school shopping grocery wise. Now there is food in the house but keeping the hungry munchkin's away from it will prove to be interesting! Caden did learn to open packets of chips today and said " I needed to learn for big school" only 2 more sleeps and things really change then. He is off to school.

So still on POTD theme and personal theme of kids handmade crafts...

Caden discovered a stash of coloured cardboard that I have and set his imagination soaring! First up he made a rocket that turned into a mask (photos on other camera and haven't downloaded them yet) then made a suit to go with it

IMG_0257 IMG_0258IMG_0259IMG_0260

And built a map of instructions for a spiderwebIMG_0262

then we needed the spiderIMG_0264IMG_0265IMG_0267IMG_0268IMG_0270IMG_0272

I just love the looks of concentration he has on his face while gluing and cutting and creating! and I had a little chuckle to myself as I realised that concentrating makes him poke out his tongue just like me and his Papa!

enjoy J

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

love to play

I bought this big jigsaw ages and ages ago. It is a 2-part puzzle based around a phonics learning system that I really really like. The kids get through the first part but start to struggle matching the sounds of the words with the pictures. They have done so much better today with it completing the first two rows of pictures. They are learning new sounds and words and able to tell me what the letters that the words start with. Since neither of them are at school yet I see this as a huge achievement. It kept them occupied for a good half hour.


Caden is also on a massive obsession with Bakugans. So much so that everything is all about them. (sounds a bit like mum with her photos really :P) Anyway it isn't a bad thing as they are pretty interesting little things and as we have now finally found some story books about them that he is really interested in reading and learning about  they have their benefits. He was in his room just drawing or so I thought  and he came out with this...


He has copied all the names of the bakugan brawlers and their Bakugans from his book - correct spelling as well. Well done little man! You are doing an amazing job!


enjoy J

Monday, January 25, 2010

The best news today

Caden got the all clear about his ears and nose! The throat is all better since he has no tonsils but his ears are clear and has perfect pressure test results, grommets are out and no more ear plugs!! his nose has settled down with few or no bleeds. So no more visits to the specialist!



can you tell he is pleased happy ecstatic?!

enjoy J

{handmade monsters}

The theme for the POTD this week is handmade. I have been showing off most of my hand made knitted stuff recently but as the boys are home for the last few days before starting school I thought I would show off their work! One of the peas (the very talented HeatherB) showed off this awesome tissue box monster that ate up the valentines cards her children got! And of course with 2 bored children at home and three boxes, some glue, paper, scissors, pipe cleaners we were all set..

Come see our masterpieces...

The making...


more glue...

IMG_0230-1_1  IMG_0232-1_1


Caden made a Bakugan box - complete with a drawing but wouldn't let me snap a pic of the drawing. Tyler and I decorated ours a bit more!


Tyler's has big scary teeth that chomps things up. And according to my children's directions mine has slimy goopy teeth and googly eyes! Oh and big claws!



I hope you like our monster boxes! We enjoyed making them! The boys have played with them non stop since creating them! 

enjoy J

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Self portrait challenge

Well I snuck it in! the self portrait challenge on 2peas finishes tomorrow officially but I guess it doesn’t really matter when you take it :) Anyway I had a session with my friends daughter this evening in which I shot fully manual and I am really happy with the results - they will be up later! and she also got to test out the 'big' camera with shooting me! I set the ap and everything else for her but she had a quick lesson in back button focusing and then we were all good! This is the shot that Emily took!

Great Job Em!

IMG_0129 5x7

Oh and we got to go and see Avatar today in 3D. Holy smokes what a great movie! We got to sit in the back row so we got the full force of the #D effects. Daz had a good chuckle in the 3D preview when I ducked at a ball. yep colour me pink he had a great chuckle! The boys are keeping G'ma or should I say G'ma is keeping the boys very busy over there - wearing them out completely. They have been swimming every day and Caden has learned to do a couple of strokes. I am so proud of them. This is the longest we have been away form them since they were born! We are ready to have our kiddos home now even though the quiet is nice. Chaos is still better with human tornadoes around. I am glad to be able to say that as the other day I didn't think I could!


enjoy J


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