Saturday, August 25, 2007

daily something

well I have to jot down that I love the idea that I picked up from Ali Edwards' blog ( the other day about recording a daily something - a story that happened that day, scrap it quickly, doesn't have to be fancy but is just a reflection of what happened.

yesterday my daily something was a BIG duh moment for me, Off to work I go thinking that my phone is in my pocket. but no no it is at the bottom of the bath UNDER the bath water! bye bye phone! I have to admit that the sounds coming out of it were pretty cool if you like the sizzling electrical sparky sounds!! All Daz could do was shake his head, and find an old phone to reuse for a while!! silly Jodie!
ok by for now enough said about silliness!

Friday, August 17, 2007

latest shots!

toenail painting session - caden had a go at mine then his fingernails as well!
on the shrek jumping castle that we got for tyler's birthday - keeps them amused for a while at a time!
unfolding mummy's washing - so helpful!

Is it really August?

Well, hi everyone. I have just realised how long it has been in updating the blog and getting out news!! To start we are all really well. The kids are getting huge. Caden is talking up a storm now and it is really nice (most of the time) to be able to have a conversation with him. C is getting there with his toilet training which has made a huge difference to expenses for the month as he is only in nappies at night now. He is a really active little man and just LOVES to fix stuff as he puts it! that usually includes banging his elmo hammer on any hard surface - you know walls and tiles and blocks of wood, drain pipes what ever he can reach really! the other thing is that he loves to mow. tells us that he is going to mow the grass just about every other day! Tyler is now 13 months old and just starting to walk more than a few steps. He wants shoes on all the time now then tries to pull them off! We had a fairly quiet birthday for him, Grandma and Papa (my mum and dad) came over for the few days on either side which was good. He still has only got 6 teeth and is a GREAT eater compared to Caden - he has his fathers ability to eat pretty much anything put in front of him! He is trying to feed himself at the moment and apart from the mess and frustration on mum he gets a few in the mouth!
Caden is now in Daycare three days a week and Ty in two soon to be three. and going really well. Cadens teacher said yesterday that he is really popular among the kids with I thought was great to hear from someone not biased (you know like mum!!). I can see that his nature is rally loving and generous (when the two year old toddler rules don't kick in!!) He and Tyler get along really well and now that Ty is trying to walk Caden loves him to walk to him and gives lots of cuddles. Tyler is my little adventure and curiosity bug. he gets into absolutely everything - cupboards, cat food , playing in the toilet water - all of which we try to strongly discourage to no avail as we turn our backs and he is back into it all again! oh what joy. but generally he is a happy baby and has a very cheeky grin. he has a few words but the flavour of the moment is definitely daddy - a very english sounding plum in the mouth daddy!! but this week I have hear mum again. so at least he knows the difference!!
I have only got one subject - two assignments left of my studying and then I am all finished. how much I cannot wait for November 2!! I have just finished my second prac last week and the kids survived being in day care full time (in fact Caden loved it! Ty struggled a bit with not sleeping and picking up some of the nasty germs going around) but we made it without too many drama's! I went for my interview with the department of education on Wednesday so fingers crossed that I can get a job next year! I am hoping to have my casual number in the next couple of weeks to start doing that and getting some experience.
Daz has now been promoted to superintendent on the kill floor (in May) and is going well with it. long hours for him but seems to like the challenges it presents. He has had to retire from sport as time and age don't really permit!
We are looking forward to me going back to work again (as I have had 2 months of due to prac and no shifts) but I am really looking forward to being able to teach rather than working at night. but hey it is paying the bills.
anyway had better sign off for mow I guess and I think that this is most of my news for the moment. I will try to be a bit more vigilant in the updates but you know me (it slack really!)
any way lots of love




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