Sunday, February 28, 2010

IT is Dazza's turn...

Since the boys are over having me move them and so on it was Daz's turn! It is so him! Totally tolerant of me after a long day at work in the yard and looking after the kiddos turning the camera on him!


enjoy J

Friday, February 26, 2010

props and practice

Ty and I went shopping this morning for some new props for some bubbas that I am going to shoot soon (with my camera :P). And here are some that I have been making as well....


prop story board

And testing them out with my CPK!isaac nb shoot

But real cuties are totally worth it!



gotta love him!


enjoy J

My fave from today

My boy will actually let me take his photo and move around to where I want him. Today I was testing out some garage light and focus and then working on getting other stuff right. But regardless Oh I love this boy. He is starting to get a sprinkling of 'fairy kisses' on his nose and they are too cute! This is the cute pic...


see below for the attitude that you don't get to see in the cute pic lol!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

little bit of this, little bit of that

Today has been a bitser of a photo day and a just a busy day all around! Tyler and I checked out his new preschool. He snapped it when he had to go. It is great that he wanted to stay and play. We went shopping as well and he was really good, not that we bought anything but hey it was nice to be about and about.

This  afternoon the light was lovely in the lounge room and I tested out my reflector.


Caden thought it would be funny to try and throw buckets of water at mummy's camera - yeah not!>IMG_1268IMG_1271IMG_1273IMG_1274 and then the bucket it selfIMG_1275

can you say style king! IMG_1289

and helping Caden take some pics - which reminds me there are a heap on our Sony camera that I must get off! IMG_1299

and this is what he is supposed to be doing but at 8.45 he is actually out in the kitchen helping me take photos and test out my calibration of my lens :)


enjoy J

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can you tell it is still hot here...

There seems to be a current theme to our photos this week, All Tyler wants to do is be here in the pool so here he is. Plus Caden will not let me take his photo and seems to have a 6th sense when it is aimed at him!

So here is our little man in the pool yet again. The big thing I hate about this pool is the cast is gives off photo wise but oh I love the colours! and since I am feeling a bit lazy for our snaps I didn't bother to fix them!



Today was Tyler's last day a school today. A little bittersweet but he is excited at the idea of going to check out a pre school tomorrow.

And here is Miss Josy who just happened to be wandering around and You know I get the same look form the kids!IMG_1259IMG_1264


Caden had his first excursion at school today. He went on a bus ride to learn about the rules for riding on a bus. He got an NRMA showbag thing and told me that he was going to catch the bus to school from now on!  IT was a bit exciting for him!


enjoy J

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can you tell he loves being at home?

We took Tyler out of daycare this year as we decided that I was going to hold off working will Caden was settled in school and then money got tighter because of said not working. I don't think that it has impacted him if anything the daredevil we know and love is becoming unleashed and unrestrained. He is loving and cuddly and full of kisses and I love you's, then I hear "Mum take a photo of me..."

I walk out with camera in hand and just about drop from a heart attack. see the slide?... well picture it a good foot further away and around the other way him at the top and only about 3cm of water in the pool. Yeah not happening quite like that sunshine! So enabler and not exactly strong willed in the discipline dept when it means cool action shot practice I set it up a bit safer for him and this is what we get...

IMG_1241IMG_1242IMG_1250IMG_1247  IMG_1254

And just because he is who he is he has to test out how everything works - including how water cleans out ears, how cold it is on his head and the fact that the slide just needs it!

IMG_1252IMG_1253  IMG_1255

enjoy J

Friday, February 19, 2010

supposed to be a 'session' with my kiddo and this is what you get...



enjoy J

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the elusive one...

Yes the miracle that it is Caden! He is really into playing soccer with Daddy in the backyard at the moment and very elusive when it comes to having a photo taken. I have to admit to being a bit slack with the actual taking of a pic a day - but then when I look back through my raw files it is not so much the problem of taking but the editing of them! anyway problems with time management aside... Our little man is loving school, reading his books and loving that too. He is settling down with Tyler better and is a lot happier lately too. Even wanting to help out cooking dinner and asking  about veges - well it is a start!



enjoy J

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

practice and park play

I am determined to get it right - my photos that is. I decided that I needed to work on a few things and to be honest I get bored with the same old grass at home plus the boys are not having a bar of photos at home but are happy enough at the park. Today was exposure and while they are still not perfect, I am still pretty happy with how they are turning out.Plus my kiddos are turning into Spiderman climbing up the bars and just too cute for words really! Tyler loves to have his photo taken - thank goodness one of them does lol!

<IMG_1127 5x7IMG_1132 5x7IMG_1140  IMG_11465x7

enjoy J

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How a 3yo thinks....

Well I just had a very informative chat...

T: "Mum, how do you make poo?"

M: " it is made in your tummy"

T: No, you get brown stuff, it goes into your tummy and gets mixed up, then you go to the toilet and you spit it out".

Oh to be three and have such simple explanations.


this was shortly after this little one... as I was drying his belly after his bath...

he points with both hands to his belly button.

"Mum, when I pop the tigers are going to pop out and rahr you lots".

Wow I thought there was brown stuff but now there is tigers too - oh and a bird!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dancing/riding/jumping in the rain

Need I say more? We had good steady rain most of the morning and the boys just love to get out it in it. I like the summer rain because it means that they don't get so cold when dancing in the rain. (yes that must be the mother talking lol!) But they had a blast!IMG_0930IMG_0942IMG_0926IMG_0947IMG_0952IMG_0955IMG_0948

they seem a bit yellow but I was struggling with my Wb today darn that cloudy day!

anyway enjoy a bit of rain!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Budding interest?

While dropping Tyler at school I was talking to one of Caden's former teachers about how he was going at big school. We don't get to chat as often now as C isn't there and Tyler is only going one day a week now. Apparently Caden got a bit bored while waiting and found the camera in my bag. though he did a pretty good job!<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>

enjoy J

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Great idea to try...

As I mentioned yesterday I love reading Emily's blog and she had this awesome idea for a car track but also as a little drawing caddy for the kiddos. Well I bought the pattern but I figured out before ever receiving it. So I have made 3 today while Tyler helps me to sew - they both really enjoy it. Mean while Daz is flat out on the couch with his foot playing up. and the start of the flu. At least he is able to walk today. I had to go get him from golf the other day and it was the worst I have ever seen him in pain. Thank goodness for good medicines to improve it quickly.

anyway here are my first few attempts at the pen and pad carrierIMG_0867IMG_0871IMG_0872IMG_0874

Enjoy J

Sunday, February 7, 2010

two boys one place - it is a miracle!!

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you. Our children are sitting quietly beside one another and had done so for about 1/2 an hour! OMG it is a miracle. I never ever knew it could happen ! lol! Oh yeah their fave TV show was on too so that had a HUGE part in it!

IMG_0844 IMG_0849

this is the 'get out of the way mum' shot! :)

Crafting day one. I have been following Emily Southerland from 2peas and her amazing blog! She is a truly inspiring person, photographer and a goddess as felty crafty goodness! Now I admit that mine pales in comparison but I made a little mailbox out of some polar fleece I had lying around, some laminated cardboard and a few staples  (on the inside) I had pics of the inside with 'letters in there' but the file is corrupted and I am being too lazy to resize it again.IMG_0851

enjoy J


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