Wednesday, June 30, 2010

where my kiddos hang after school..

sometimes literally but the back fence talking to the neighbours! they love being able to talk to the girls over the back! and of course the only way to get a photo of Caden is to pin him on the ground!



enjoy J

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dazza’s journey of the chicken pox


Yup since Caden and Tyler got the Chicken pox, Daz could not go without it either. Well it has now been 8 days since Tyler and Daz started showing signs and symptoms of the CP. – Tyler only had spots and a very slight fever on the first day and was fine the rest of the time. Well Dazza.. this is Sunday…

Flat on the couch. IMG_9988IMG_9989 

And this is Friday morning. Yup you guessed it he is in hospital being treated for Chicken pox pneumonia and the CP. Not only a really good dose of head to toe spots he has to get it in his lungs. The ER dr was fabulous had him hooked up to an IV pushing fluids within a couple of hours of getting to the ER, chest x-ray, blood tests the lot.


And then his oxygen saturations started dropping a bit so it was onto oxygen till today (Sunday)


Lots of observations and blood pressure readings, temp checks you know all the don't let you get good sleep type of stuff. Oh and did I mention quarantined too? yup private room door always shut and anyone not exposed or had CP to wear a mask/gloves/gown before entering. Good thing I have a)had it, b)live through Michael having it C) the kids having it. I guess I am fairly safe! :P IMG_0330

Oh and did I mention dehydration? yup add that to the list so 6 bags of IV fluid over 2 days has helped alot as well as 3-5 hourly antiviral drugs as well.



so that has been our week since Thursday. Dazza is still in there but on the road to recovery and home soon we hope. 


enjoy j

Saturday, June 26, 2010

First GOAL!!!!

Caden did it! his first goal! I am so glad that I had the camera I **gasp** wasn’t going to take it but he asked me if I was and who is this Mama to say no! And I got the whole lot on ‘film’IMG_0426IMG_0427 IMG_0428IMG_0430e

His reaction made me smile as I don’t think it really sank in till after the game that he had scored! One of the mums on the sideline looked at me and asked - “did you get it?” I did a happy dance to say I did!


We had to ring Daddy straight away because he is in hospital at the moment and the one game he didn’t make it Caden scored. :(

Then the kiddos headed off to Grandma and Papa’s for a visit overnight!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

just around the corner….

is a little piece of portrait background happy for me! I have decided to really push myself to find pockets nearby to use for portraits and this little bit is just around the corner!

here is our cutie testing it out for me!



enjoy j

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NEw park, new play


I need a push in a new direction to bring some more life to my photos. So while Daddy was sick at home we went out and about. I was testing out a) the new focus set up on my lens and b) some action/movement type shots to get Ty more involved in the camera. I like them!


enjoy J

Sunday, June 20, 2010

C & T Name Frame Style… {Wagga Wagga Children’s Photographer}



With such icky weather today and the kids always liking to dress up I had an idea to use that fact to see what we could come up with as a name frame style session Well while it may have only lasted for the first letters of their name and a couple of shots together I realised that I often refer to my kiddos as C&T so it worked out well for me.

I tried it out a couple of different ways – one in a name frame style image – which I just adore as it is showing them with all their quirks and individual styles…


And one in a more formal story board style. I love this one too for a  more formal type of arrangement.

candt 3





Saturday, June 19, 2010

focus fixing and a…..

sort of willing subject…




I saw a link to a new way of micro calibrating my lenses and I think that is has worked really well. So since my kitchen light is the brightest in the house at 8.30 at night I then upped the ISO to 3200 :O opened the ap up to 1.8 or 2.8 cant remember which lens I had on and here she is! woohoo in focus cat!

so that was my night’s success!

such a shame that a) it is night time I can’t really get out and give my camera really good test out

B) ty has chicken pox

C) I have the flu

D) Daz is sick on the couch flat on his back


sooooo tonight is gonna be a just Josy night tonight! (well I could post the pic of my toe but really do you need to see my nicely in focus toe? I don’t think so! :P ha ha)


enjoy J

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

testing out LR again

I was bugging the kids for a photo, any photo that had to be in the light from the door. I wanted to test out something in LR. this is what I got…Sooc



LR adjustmentsIMG_9851lr

After editing in Ps


Nothing better than a stunned mullet kiddo in their jammies :)


enjoy J 

Monday, June 14, 2010

painting a pirate ship


Daddy brought some some ‘paint in a bottle’ today and got very creative with some glue, some boxes,  some mailing tubes and Jolly Rodger printouts. So Argh Me Hearties it is off to pirate ship painting time!

Teh kiddo shirts came off, the daddy shirts turned into paint smocks came on but the bulldog clips were very useful! and the boys had a blast! Some serious concentrating was happening!


enjoy J

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just playing and some cockatoo hair

IMG_9810IMG_9812  IMG_9818-33IMG_9820IMG_9821IMG_9824psIMG_9844 I think it is time for a hair cut…

the editing is off but I am a bit too lazy to fix it so they are what they are!


enjoy my looney toons!



Saturday, June 12, 2010

First snow trip and day!!

We figured the first day of the long weekend and a really crappy week was a great excuse to get out of town. We woke up to sunny skies so we headed out to try and find some snow. We ended up at Selwyn and realised that the boys didn't have any gloves so while Daz was hiring toboggans I went in search of the gift shop. Kiddos gloved up and snow to be dug and slid in and thrown and we were set! The boy absolutely loved it. as you can see!


IMG_9546IMG_9554IMG_9557IMG_9647IMG_9667  IMG_9694

We are determined to go back a lot more this season as it was so much fun!


enjoy J


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