Thursday, July 22, 2010

love afternoons


with the kiddos, G and E and Chell!

Snuggles with Mum!




Well Emily claimed the hat! and gives me great faces – cheeky monkey! Since the boys were at soccer and we had the camera there and gorgeous light Emily told me to grab the camera and lets go!!


credit card please mum?!


headed out the back..


And the boys are back!! Pick the one who love having photos taken lol


love you all!


enjoy J

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what can you do on a cold foggy cloudy morning?

make a tent, snuggle down to watch Caillou, then bug mum to make cookies…




wait till the sun comes out, your big brother to get home from school and …


crash tackle on the trampoline while tying each other up!


enjoy J

my fairy princess

Yes you read it right we have a fairy princess. My rough and tumble 100% pure holy terror has transformed into a fairy princess. see… IMG_1556IMG_1558IMG_1560

sweet as can be and soft and gentle and loving. gorgeous cooperative smiles and …..


he runs screaming through the house “FIND A SAFE PLACE!! FIND A SAFE PLACE – MUM HAS THE CAMERA!! FIND A SAFE PLACE!!”


two seconds later he strolls calmly into the lounge room, strips of the pink, turns and says “phew, that’s enough of being a princess, I’m your Tyler again”


oh I love that boy!


enjoy J

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mum does things backwards


Whoda thunkit?


yup this size one brand new pair of tie me up joggers have been a bit of a cause of frustration in our house hold lately. All Caden wanted was some tie up joggers to go to school in this term. So we went and picked them out during some mummy and me time. All good we were both happy with them.


No problems they fit well however….


when it comes to learning to tie them up is a completely different matter. Caden and I sat there on at least 3 different occasions trying to teach and learn how to tie them up. More and more increasing frustration ensued until I sat back and watched how he did it.


It became very clear that I am a left handed shoe tier upperer. that means that I do it backwards.


Step in daddy who is strongly right handed no worries he has started picking it easily.

So Caden now happily tells people I am backwards.




love you little man despite the way you think  :)


enjoy J

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mama and Me time

is a rare thing for my Caden and I. Ty gets a lot since C is in school but Caden misses out on a lot. Daddy took Tyler grocery shopping today and Caden and I took a little stroll around the corner to the park/open area around the corner. Photo time! and climbing trees and running and throwing the change colour ball and laughing and just being together! IT was really nice. We strolled back, shot some flowers, laughed and joked, played with the K’nex of which my robot clearly was no match for the mastery of Cadens!IMG_1448IMG_1452IMG_1453IMG_1485 oh and the things you have to get through to see those gorgeous blue eyes!


enjoy J

looking good!

While the last few weeks have been really really rough with Daz being sooooo sick. There is nothing like a dose of chicken pox as an adult that turns into CP pneumonia and is life threatening to make you really appreciate how precious life is. The boys had it, They had it for 5 days and honestly they were hardly sick or soptty really. Now Daz, well consider head to toe spots and sick sick sick. We did a dash to the ER at 5pm on a Thursday night. He was feeling worse and we knew it wasn’t just normal CP. Thank goodness we did. 4 nights in hospital, 4 weeks off work – 3.5 of them on the couch or in bed, losing 12 kg in that time (well the first fortnight) very good doctors that picked up how sick he was early and the fact that we listened to our gut means that we caught it in time. After a recent appointment with a respiratory specialist he told us how lucky we were as in some cases it can be fatal. Daz still has a way to go before he is back to 100% But I gotta tell you that he has come out of fabulously and spunky! and skinny! lol!




love you



when all is quiet…


this is what we find!

IMG_1530IMG_1532 enjoy J

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh and did mention…

cute grins and muddy feet?


Chats with G’ma  IMG_1424

and the bomb as they called it… IMG_1427IMG_1436  love you guys !



HAppy Birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Tyler Happy birthday to you!

4 today!! Miracles occurred and you were actually woken up by Caden! the whisper of “happy birthday” bought you in for snuggles and kisses dark and early! Then out to explore the treasures in the loungeroom. We took the option of photos or video and I gotta say AI am so glad we took video. you crack ups up kiddos! The first words were “I can’t believe my eyes” lol



then onto the food!


the Jelly fish cakeIMG_1331IMG_1334 

The mini marshmallows


the wish IMG_1372IMG_1373IMG_1376IMG_1379IMG_1384the mower

IMG_1356IMG_1360the swings



and the trip to Toy Story 3 to finish the day off with G’ma and Papa.


phew big day!

Happy birthday little man!


love you






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