Sunday, August 29, 2010

I swear

every day he looks more and more like his daddy! C was happy for me to take some test shots before my session and this one stood out to me that man he looks like his dad!


enjoy j

Friday, August 27, 2010

smart clothes - special Dinner


We took the boys out to dinner tonight and they were so fun! We had to wear smart clothes and they picked them out themselves. We hit the pub for dinner and the smartest thing was the kids play area. Our kids loved it!


guess she didnt like it


I tested out the new tutu on Gem today! I guess she wasn't too fussed! (well ok she was hungry) but hey sounds better the other way!


Chell bought me a bumpo too so that I can a) use it for Gem and b) use it as a prop for little ones that cant sit yet! Gem is my tester-outerer for it! it works well when she isn't cranky or hungry! lol


enjoy J

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I ♥ his eyes

Every single day his eyes draw me in. They twinkle they cry, the look sad, but every day he looks at me with those big brown eyes and sucks me right in. 



I made a new hat today and Gem had to model it! she looks like a cabbage patch kid with her adorable chunky chubby cheeks!



enjoy j

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

book week parade

Caden had his first book week parade at school this week. HE was so solemn as he walked in and then up on stage. and skinny in his suit. A week of being sick certainly took it out of him.



My bargain prop purchases.. these cool boy hats for $5!!


And a new hair cut for me! yay it is all gone! I took about 4 inches at least off it. This was taken straight after being cut so it is pretty flattened with the straightener but I am happy with it.


enjoy j

Saturday, August 21, 2010

filling the pantry

Daz took a trip to Shepparton to go to the SPC factory outlet. They have the tinned fruits etc that the boys eat in bulk and for a lot cheaper than if we bought it at the grocery stores. We apparently needed to re-stock badly! lol but I tell you there is nothing better than having it in the cupboard to use!



enjoy j

Friday, August 20, 2010

One in recovery, One is sick

And we are now day 7 into the vomiting and sickies here. We had Caden at the hospital last night with dehydration. they finally got his vomiting stopped. So today was spent being fairly quiet and the boys started squabbling which I took as a good sign. Then it started all over again with Tyler. he has a temp and spent Thursday night vomiting as well. Awesome . I am so over this year for being sick. Anyway Despite Caden insisting he wasn't tired and me insisting he was having at least a rest I look up from the computer to realise it is so quiet. too quiet. peaceful quiet. I went to investigate just to check and this is what I found…



I love seeing them sleep, so innocent and knowing that it is the best thing for both of them at the moment. So sick and tired and weary.

Sleep well muchkins ♥ you


enjoy J

finally a bit of sunshine to make me smile

after a really really crappy night with a sick kid, I didnt mind at all when I was hanging out the washing and this fellow started chirping. He was there for ages - let me grab the camera and change lenses. Nothing like a bit of blue skies and a chirpy YELLOW sunshiney birdy to make me smile.


Much much nicer than vomit covered sheets, doonas, pillows, pyjamas, you name it we had it last night. Excellent way to end what we thought was a vomit free day. Here is hoping Tyler gets better faster than his brother did this week


enjoy J

Thursday, August 19, 2010

testing out my flash!!

IMG_2848IMG_2852IMG_2853IMG_2854IMG_2867IMG_2868IMG_2869IMG_2870IMG_2881IMG_2883IMG_2884IMG_2885IMG_2886 IMG_2887IMG_2888IMG_2897

are words really necessary today?? lol

A hint of sunshine

And he is outside! Ty dressed smart today all my himself! So cute and then changed his mind about photos but hey sand pit time jsut as good! lol



love this kid!


enjoy J

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IT’s Here! It’s HEre!

I have been waiting for a flash for sooo long and finally I was able to buy one! It arrived today! yay!



One of the first test shots of Ty with the flash on!


Testing out a new tutorial for flower headbands!


they are pretty bulky for what I wanted but with a bit of tweaking I think they will look fun!


enjoy J

Sunday, August 15, 2010

cheeky monkey and a sick one

I dont want my photo Mama. Yeah well that is life kiddo! I was out taking some pics of stuff we want to sell and Mr cranky pants started being a bit silly! he he


IMG_2782Peek a boo Mama!

IMG_2784 IMG_2788

Oh that is better! Love that grin!

And the one that isnt so cheeky! We finished the night last night with high temps and vomiting awesome. So Mr Sick is on the lounge to see if he can get better soon.


enjoy J


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