Wednesday, March 31, 2010

preparing for our first Easter Hat parade

Tomorrow is Caden’s Easter Hat parade at school and to be perfectly honest I think I am more excited about it than he is. I have asked him what kind of hat he wants and I get a blank look. Well that hasn’t helped me find my mojo! Inspiration struck today as to what to do and here is the construction – well the constructed hat.

IMG_5597style="display: block; float: none; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto" title="IMG_5600" alt="IMG_5600" src="$IMG_5600_thumb[1].jpg" width="600" height="400" />IMG_5603and then because I like to bake the kids cakes for their celebrations we made rainbow mini cup cakes…



IMG_5621mmm yummy! 48 mini cupcakes for teachers and kiddos at school!


enjoy J

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

rainy morning rainbow dance

The kids love rainy mornings and no that we have a couple of brollies so do I! So we went to puddle jump and dance and have a tanty all in bright red jammies.

IMG_5556IMG_5560IMG_5561IMG_5564 The of course we have to figure out jsut how cold the puddle can be on our butts! IMG_5568IMG_5570IMG_5571

And the rudie bum bum mia came out too. At least they kept their pants on! IMG_5577enjoy J

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nothing like capturing a tanty!

Tyler is becoming king of the tantrums lately and he says the funniest things! the latest is to stand (or sit) and sook while saying “I’m not talking to you any more, I am gong to talk to myself” lol so he does!


He loves to get the mail. He heasr the mailman and is out the door in a flash!


enjoy J


Oh and happy birthday to me!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandparents Day at school

With only a couple of days notice grandma was able to make it over for Grandparents Day at Caden’s school. So we all went to check out Caden’s classroom, he was colouring in a garbage man that G’ma helped him to cut out. The we got to have lunch with him.



Monday, March 22, 2010

rainbow cakes and a menagerie

Today we made rainbow cakes. I saw a post on Peas and thought how cool! Theb oys love them! So while they were i the bath there I was in the doorway in the nice light shooting cakes :D





Since I have taught myself crochet Tyler has been surfing the net with me with wants for things to make. We are slowly building up a menagerie of sea animals at the moment. Here are a few! We have a mama and baby turtle, 5 fishies, an octopus, a squid, a crazy hair dude, and not shown here is his mantaray, froggy and a couple of hand puppets too. He loves them they go everywhere with him. You might remember (or not) the blue hanging cocoon that I made a while back? well is is now the handy carry all of the animals. They have a special bed and everything. He checks every night that they are in their special shelf and lines them up every morning.

tylers animals  The next on the list is a dolphin and a shark. I just have to print the pattern and away we go!


enjoy J

Saturday, March 20, 2010

RElay for Life.


IMG_5295 Suiting up as the cow! IMG_5297_1IMG_5302IMG_5306 IMG_5339 

Riding Daddy as the big cow!

IMG_5367Thank goodness Tyler knew Daddy was the big cow as he wandered off to find him and I didn’t realise he was gone. One of the committee brought him back and said that he was looking for his Daddy the big cow and they had seen Daz get dressed up so brought him straight back. Yeah good parent I am!

IMG_5389IMG_5396At the end of the day after we went back.


enjoy J

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A little bit of ordinary

I have been trying to still improve my photography but also start recapturing the ordinary again. I finally feel that my photos are turning a corner into ones that I like and I can start focus on content again. We looked after Gemma today and Tyler just adores her.While she was sleeping we had a look and find time wit Elmo and friends from sesame street.


IMG_5191_1 Caden got to meet and cuddle her for the first time today! 


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our little runner

Caden had his athletics carnival today. We thought we may have missed the first race but snuck it in! Here he is in action. I may have posted some of these before but Cant remember!


enjoy J

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just playing!

Caden modelling the finger puppets that have captured my attention and interest lately.IMG_4810_2

Tyler has been really really into playdoh lately and ‘baking cookies’ He can sit there for nearly an hour completely occupied with his cutters and tray



just the dude and me playing!


10 minutes before getting Caden I walk out into the lounge room and this is how I find him!


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