Wednesday, April 30, 2008

March & April 08 POTD


March 08 302

Our little bunny rabbits! Happy easter

 March 08 321

Sunshine after a storm

 March 08 596

D at the driving range!

 March 08 709

the stamen on a lilly from my birthday bouquet

 March 08 807

trying for a depth of field but just proving the presence of the kids!!



 April 08 014

candle light during a blackout

 April 08 206

J stalking in the long grass

 April 08 242

spinning around!


this is what I do (not for much longer)

April 08 101

Autumn leaves in Albury Botanical Gardens

 April 08 134

Mummy and C in the leaves!


Waiting for the boys surgery.


enjoy  J 

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