Monday, August 27, 2012

capturing the little things

time is flying past so fast these days. Lachie is 4 months old now. Tyler is 6 years old, Caden is nearly 8. Holy moly why are they growing up so fast?!
I grabbed the camera today to try ad capture some little things that Lachie does before he stops doing them as he finds new things to learn and do.

He curls his toes around each other


he clasps his little fingers together oIMG_3874 n his belly


he has a smile for his mama that jsut lights him up from the inside


He has learnt how to lift his bum and scooch around in a line across the lounge room floor


He loves to chew and slurp on his fist


he has found his thumb to suck

he is 20 weeks old (or 4.5 months)


love you baby boy

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