Friday, September 14, 2007

Cadenisms and way to go!

well Caden's latest Cadenism is the "know what..." and "hey look..." usually preceding anything that Tyler is not supposed to be doing or that little comment about the big mowers! I am pleased to note that C has now managed to say that grandma and Papa live in Cootamundra and that daddy works with cows! He has also mastered the art of riding his trike with the pedals rather than pushing it around! YAY for Caden!
Tyler has the walking and running thing well in hand now but manages to add in climbing as well- onto to everything. Luckily he isn't quite big enough to get on the couch and table yet, but I'm sure that it is a matter of time. He has now started handing you his bottle with a ta when he is finished with it - better than having the cranks because he ISN'T finished!


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