Sunday, September 9, 2007

Spring introduction

Well what a week this one has been. First week of spring, great weather and the boys are heading outside to play a lot! Tyler is well and truly walking now. He stood up on his own on Tuesday (4th sept) and he was off! Caden has just twigged to the fact that Ty can chase him now and all you here is "Tyler, come on, lets go!!". It is so great to see and hear them getting along most of the time! Caden is definitely in that everything is mine according to the toddler rules phase, but unfortunately for him Ty manages to make his wishes known or they sit screaming for a bit till they either get distracted or whatever is the issue is resolved (usually by removal)! soon I hope that it will become less of a drama between them but at 1 and nearly three I think I have a LOT of waiting ahead of me!
Cadens newest Cadenism is the "Big hammer, fix stuff" followed closely behind by "Big mower Daddy, little mower Caden". All we hear at the moment is these comments plus a few more like "fix planes in the sky" (one of his friend's daddy's works with REX!).
It is so lovely to see him becoming more independent, taking himself outside to ride his bike, taking Ty out with him, happy to eat again (the reduced gluten diet is doing wonders for both of the boys!) and entering the whirlwind social scene of three year old birthday parties! (2 so far this year!!).
Ty started riding his bike (well pushing backwards really) but momentous anyway. Caden just barrels along and it is anything you can do I do it to for Tyler at the moment! so onto his bike and backwards he goes. so cute and very clever!! Doesn't take him long to get stuck though!!
I have a sneaky suspicion that Ty is going to be my more challenging child. At only 13 months is very determined to do things his way, colour in the toilet lid with texta (washable thank goodness!), eat by himself or not at all (love heading into toddler hood!) sit in the shower regardless of the water running or not as well as no matter if he is fully clothed (usually 5 minutes before walking out the door to school!) or not!
I can only wonder what the future has in store for us with these two munchkins at the age of discovery.


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