Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trip away for a couple of days

Today we finally left for a our getaway to Sydney. We bought tickets to Lazy Town on stage and have kept it a secret/surprise for the kids. Daz had last night off work and the boys had haircuts this morning - they look so much better! Tyler is such a champion at having his hair cut not a murmur. Caden on the other hand howls the place down! We caught up with Grandma and Papa before we left and then we hit the road. The boys travelled really well going to sleep pretty well straight away. About halfway through the trip we drove through a rainbow!


Thank goodness for Nelly the Navman as she directed us through the outskirts or Sydney to Ian and Rhondda's house with no worries. The boys took a little while to warm up to them then Tyler was happy to sit with Ian showing him a new book about counting different feet. SONY DSC

It was the first time that Tyler has met them and Caden doesn't remember the last time as he was 4.5 months old at the time.

enjoy J

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