Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh Bailey’s Log – how I love you!

This has to be my favourite dessert after pavlova. seriously I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and tea. I cant because I would fall down if I ate it all the time but mmmmm yummy!



ok the details…

you need:

choc ripple biscuits (or the GF variety that I have here if you need GF)

Whipped Cream - (I used about 500ml to make two)

Baileys (or any liqueur you like)

a flake or choc sprinkles to decorate

icing sugar for the whipped cream.


What to do…

whip your creamIMG_4424

on your serving plate/platter put a layer of cream

pour about 1/2 inch of Baileys into a small bowl and dip the biscuits one at a time into it. (for stronger taste dip both sides)

coat both sides of the first biccie with cream and place on it side.

Repeat the dipping and coating with cream until you make it into a log shape


or layer it like a cake



keep doing this till your biccies are all gone.

cover the while thing with cream and decorate with sprinkles or chock bits or what ever takes your fancy!


This is the mummy daddy version with alcohol

And this is the kiddy version without.


Nothing better to have on New Years Eve!!


enjoy J

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