Sunday, January 28, 2007

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Hi everyone, Well the last week has just flown as has this long weekend. Can't believe that it is Sunday again already! I survived my first few days back at work and seem to be doing OK. It was really reassuring that I hadn't actually forgotten what i had to do and that I could read a blood film!! I will be working primarily in haem, coags and blood banking - you know my favourite areas! not! but the new system that I am working in seems much more efficient and user friendly!
The kids and Daz are going well. The photos are of Caden on his climbing thingy that he got for his birthday and Tyler checking out a rusk for the fist time the drooley bug that he is! Tyler has finally cut the second tooth and at times seems to be trying out new sounds everyday. Caden is coming out with new words daily now and is getting funnier all the time as he realises what he is doing now. He is going really well at school now and the two days is the right thing for him. He gets home exhausted but in such great moods that you know that he has had good days. Tyler is going through a not wanting to sleep for long during the day phase at the moment but is sleeping through at night so I guess that is a bit better than the other way around! Daz is pretty tired as he has been doing long days at work then having to come home to feral hour but we'll get through it. Other than that we haven't been doing a great deal.
Caden just loves making Cakes or Caa (sounds a bit like car) he even pulled the sugar and flour out of the cupboard yesterday for us to make one!! but the bonus for him is the eating of the batter, licking the beaters and the eating the cake!! He is still a HUGE chocaholic (just like his mum) and he tends to snap it if you say no. bless him!
Tyler is getting bigger now and had his 6 month shots the other day and was really good with them. he didn't cry too much and only has a couple of lumps at the injection site. He is eating solids really well now and loves veges - Total opposite to Caden - however will eat fruit over anything else though! He is up to 9.6kg now and 71 cm long so he is a good size to heft around - particularly when he is asleep and dead weight.
I have been still scrapping at the moment both digitally and paper. I created a mini album for the boys last night that turned out really well. I haven't used a premade board book and coordinated papers before so it was a lot easier to do than I thought. I have been out to the new scrapbook shop a couple of times lately and she has some really nice stuff and quite a few of the page projects that I am interested in looking at doing if time permits.
anyway had best dash as Caden is pulling me away to go draw with him
lots of love

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