Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new year to come...

Well this year has started and is going to fly right past us again! The boys are going well. Caden is now 2 and Tyler 6 months.. boy time flies!Tyler is sitting and rolling and has cut his first tooth. Caden is talking and chatting all the time now and is getting a wide vocabulary. The best thing we could have done was go ahead with his operation last year. they are starting to play really well together now. Caden just loves to try and make Tyler laugh. Caden is cricket and ball mad, can't get enough of hitting a ball around with any type of bat. He is also SUCH a BOY being so noisy all the time, if he isn't banging something, he is drawing on something, or dragging something else around. but I wouldn't have it any other way! Daz is still working at Cargill and while all jobs have their ups and down he still mostly enjoys the challenges it brings. Caden is in daycare two days a week now and wow do I love those days with only Tyler home - who also like the quiet as he sleeps much better during the day without Caden waking him up! I am still doing a lot of scrapbooking now but am really enjoying the challenge of digital scrapping using the computer. My paper scrapping is turning into making little albums and canvas' to decorate the house with and give as presents. These aren't as frequent but I really enjoy doing them when I have an excuse! I have been sewing a fair bit - Caden is growing too quickly, mainly practicing on shorts for the boys although I managed to make shorts and dresses for Christmas this year for our boys and the Cattell girls. they all looked really cute (luckily the Friday before Christmas was hot enough to wear them!). We had a good but quiet Christmas and new year. But within the next couple of weeks my uni will start up again and that means i am really going to have to become organised.. ha ha not likely!

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