Wednesday, January 17, 2007

new things happening..

Hi everyone, things are moving along here at a rapid pace at the moment. Tyler is working on his second tooth and I have my first day back at work tomorrow. I managed to get a part time job in pathology working 3 nights a week at Dougls Hanly Moir in Calvary Hospital. Uni stuff arrived yesterday and unfortunatley for me there is an exam for this subject. So things are going to have to get organised soon! Luckily mum is able to look after the kids for the next few days as I am going to be working full time for the next 6 days! that should be really interesting. We came through the storm last night ok no damage and only a couple of power surges at around 6 last night and another at midnight. I think there was a bit of damage around town but didnt seem to be much in our area. Caden had a good day at school (daycare) today and is getting abit better at goin in the mornings .. maybe this might have been a good day. we'll se what it is like tomorrow when he is a bit more tired! The first of the artwork arrived home today in his bag.. a lovely little texta drawing. I'm sure the first of many.
Anyway bye for now

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