Friday, October 9, 2009

Art and craft by Caden

Not that long ago we struggled to get Caden to look at books and pencils and colouring in, at school he only did painting because he had to. No we are seeing a whole other side to him. He loves to write and draw and colour and paint and create. His imagination has really begun to develop in such amazing ways. HE names all his pictures and they all tell a story. He loves to draw pictures of our family. During football season he was drawing the Broncos playing and selecting the correct colours for his teams. Recently at school the first thing he does to start the day is straight to the drawing corner. At kinder orientation he didn't really settle till we got out pencils and paper and he was right. Sent us on our way. Today as we were cleaning up I rediscovered the ever growing stack of art by Caden form school and home. So in true me style I photographed it as I feel that I can much easily record these memories easier than keeping mountains of paper with paint on them. While it doesn't retain the textures it certainly records where he is at the moment.

caden art work oct 09 1caden art work oct 09 2  caden art work oct 09caden art work oct 09 4


Enjoy J

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