Saturday, October 3, 2009


We caved a couple of months ago and bought a Wii. I gotta say best $500 we have spent in a while! Daz plays it nearly every day. Tyler LOVES to sword fight, Caden LOVES to bowl and this weekend we introduced G'ma to the joys of it. I have never seen her laugh so much or say 'bloody hell' so much. Very very funny! So of course testing out the new camera a bit more here she is in her Wii-ing glory!



Oh and I just wanted to add that Yay me I fluked a 2/3 game against her in tennis (both of us never having played it on the Wii before) Even though I maintained my totally true to me style of sucktastic! I won! Ha Ha Ha!! Beginners luck!

Enjoy G'ma I am sure you will beat me next time!


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