Monday, October 19, 2009

chasies, spiderman & my boys

I realised the other day that my pursuit to get that 'perfect' picture means that I am missing those moments that I love to capture with my camera. It made me tell myself it is ok to take everyday moments in our lives. Caden is reluctant to sit for photos whereas Tyler loves it. So I have tried really hard to capture my kids as they are not how they can appear to be. Caden is my elusive boy. he runs in the opposite direction (often) when I have the camera out - which is a daily event around our house. Today I tried to catch them unawares. Well being the smart munchkin's that they are Caden turned it into a game of chasies and peek-a-boo! Spiderman is a fascinator and Daddy tried to ride Tyler's bike!

IMG_6029IMG_6035  IMG_6052IMG_6048IMG_6064IMG_6066IMG_6073IMG_6079IMG_6080IMG_6087IMG_6107IMG_6117IMG_6125IMG_6137IMG_6139  IMG_6145IMG_6152IMG_6154IMG_6144IMG_6156IMG_6161IMG_6163

enjoy J

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