Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mum does things backwards


Whoda thunkit?


yup this size one brand new pair of tie me up joggers have been a bit of a cause of frustration in our house hold lately. All Caden wanted was some tie up joggers to go to school in this term. So we went and picked them out during some mummy and me time. All good we were both happy with them.


No problems they fit well however….


when it comes to learning to tie them up is a completely different matter. Caden and I sat there on at least 3 different occasions trying to teach and learn how to tie them up. More and more increasing frustration ensued until I sat back and watched how he did it.


It became very clear that I am a left handed shoe tier upperer. that means that I do it backwards.


Step in daddy who is strongly right handed no worries he has started picking it easily.

So Caden now happily tells people I am backwards.




love you little man despite the way you think  :)


enjoy J

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