Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holy Moly it is the 5th today!


Ok I confess I took the pics on the 6th for the things we did today. But I have not even been interested in picking up my camera for nearly a week. now that is something new for me. I rarely have it far away from me at all. We are inside bound. But for a great start to the day….

gave the kids their chore charts…

cadenchoreswtylerchoreswI gave them the same regardless of whether Ty is in school or not – he seems to want to read etc. I found them from here


So they were up and dressed and rooms tidied all before 7.30am. The incentive of each tick = 5min DS or Wii time apparently works :)


Then after they had been great, the other shoe dropped and nothing would keep them occupied or happy or from arguing so the day basically devolved from there. Bring on Daddy home time if you ask me. :)

But I did create some spelling and letter folders for them that kept them occupied for a little while.

Tylers – trace the letters IMG_3174And Cadens collage story – they had to cut out pictures from the magazines, make a collage and tell me a story. IMG_3173


enjoy J

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