Wednesday, July 6, 2011

today we…

Started the day going insane. This cold cold cold weather is so not nice. We are day 3 into holidays and being cooped up inside is so not good for sanity sake – especially when little brother just wants to play with big brother who wants some quiet time.

Anyhoo we went shopping – got some really cool shoes for the boys (perfect for photos), a new shirt, some coloured paper and drawing stuff.


Thank goodness that new textas+ new notebooks = content kiddos for a while.

Caden did these…IMG_3169IMG_3170 Tyler did this…IMG_3176

so we made some origami..

our ladybirdsIMG_3167 and our ghostIMG_3168


at kids request over the last couple of days we made cookies…

IMG_3154 fairy cookiesIMG_3156 jam dropsIMG_3158 chocolate chip (milk and white chocolate)IMG_3159

and dinner was lasagna… yum!


then we finished with jokes, giggles and snuggles IMG_3160IMG_3161IMG_3163this child of mine thinks it is funny to get in really close where usually I cant get the shot. haha joke is on him tonight as I had the right lens on :)


so that is our. all in all a pretty good day. much improved from yesterday when I was so over the day by about 3pm.


Oh nearly forgot to mention – I am  such a mean Mama – I made C do a journal writing exercise tonight too. He did really well. needed prompting to expand on “we went to the shops” but I am happy with what he did.IMG_3171


enjoy J

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