Friday, January 13, 2012

Wondering What you are going to look like

you know B3 seeing you the other day has had me wondering what you are going to look like, are you going to look like your brothers or totally different? Am I going to get  third red head - although to ask Ty what colour hair he has "its orange". Am I going to get another blue eyed babe or maybe a 2nd brown eyed red - oops sorry orange head.
I suspect that thus far the lack of heart burn may mean not so much hair  - kinda like Caden who was practically bald till he was 1! whereas Ty gave me grief all the time whilst inside with lots of heart burn and has lots of thick hair!

Here is my Caden at 4 days old. That little sprinkling of hair was as red as it is today! DSC00728e1

Here is my Tyler with all his orange hair at 4 days old! We laughed that he turned into an old man with red hair as bits rubbed off at the back by sleeping on his back.july 13 tyler 169

when the Dr waved the u/s wand over the area where your head lay and you extended your head back as if to say what is pushing on me? I caught a resemblance to Caden, just a moment. But then while I see the boys as so different others don’t. they see them as similar. I wonder where you are going to fit into that little dynamic. Any which way you look, you will be you, with your own personality and I am sure that you are going to take on your big brothers in a way that they will not know what has hit them (or me for that matter :)
cant wait to meet you little one!



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