Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 30 Daily December

WE headed off to Canberra today to see Mick and Ally and the kids. The new car went really well. Daz and I enjoyed the fact that we could listen to music while the kids watched a DVD thanks to the extra power plug in the back. As usual the kids fell asleep 1/2 an hour out from town so they were a tad shy when we first got there. That didn't last long. James was so excited to see them and within about 10 minutes they were all having a great time in the toy room. We couldn't believe it there was not a murmur or squabble out of our boys at all all day! amazing! Ally and I went shopping at Belconnen for a couple of hours while the kids played in the playground and Daz and Mick caught up. While is was  a big fail shopping wise for me I was really pleased that Daz had a great time. I picked up some very cute Santa/penguin/teddy bear lolly /cookie jars for 75c each which is cool for Christmas next year. I also bought a couple more Richelle Mead books - start of a new series that look to be really good. I think there are some photos on the p&s but I haven't downloaded them yet. Since Ty slept all the way home he was  not interested in going to bed so here are some self portraits that we took - Daddy wasn't happy with the flash so his is being kept out :)



gotta love  self timers and arms of couches to prop you camera on huh! :)

enjoy J

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