Monday, December 28, 2009

day 28 Daily December

We finally gave in to the boys requests to sleep in the same room. We put Tyler's bed in Caden's room a few weeks ago cause I wanted to test his room out for studio space - only for a few hours. Today we made the move of Cadens bed into Tylers room so that it is now their room. Tim will tell how that goes. They were pretty excited - aka jumping off the walls and beds excited after the move was started. I decided that Cadens old room was now being the toy room and the study goes back to being an office. I think while I love having my computer out here in the dining room it may need to go back into the office again just for clutters sake really. We are over the clutter.

Daz moved the boys Plane shelf so that they can share it above their beds and I just need to make a collage frame of images of Tyler now for the  wall. We have one of Caden but Tyler needs one too. I have their name frames ready to print and a couple of matching frames ready to go so they will go up on the wall too.

here is some pics of the toy room - I never thought that I would ever get it organised. every time I turn around there were more toys just mutiplying!

One good thing is that I finally found the majority of pieces of a bob the builder puzzle that has been in pieces for nearly a year. just have 4 more to find!



We built the toy box this time last year and the poor thing is still nude. We really need to get some colour on it.

Enjoy J


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