Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 31 Daily December Happy New "Years eve!

Where has this year gone? Our firstborn has turned 5 our baby has turned 3. We are well and truly into our 30s - how does this happen?!

As usual NYE for us was quiet. G'ma and Papa came over so the boys were stoked. Daddy and Papa played golf, mama and G;ma started creating the calendar for this year. (yeah it is late typical us!) We read stories and flew the rockets, we played T-ball and Daz shot the rockets so that G'ma kept us entertained for AGES trying to catch them! It was a really great day topped of by yummy dinner with mum and dad, followed by spending some time with Matt and Jo and the girls. It has been so lovely catching up with them while they are home for the holidays. all too soon they have to fly off again.

Again  I need to upload the pics (and video G'ma lol!) from the little camera. But here are a couple from the big one...

We found these rockets at the Australian Geographic shop in Canberra the other day. Same type as the little ones that the boys got fro Christmas but bigger. They are so much fin! Daz has put them on the roof a couple of time but they are really light weight so they come off pretty quick!


the rocket after daddy launched it.

IMG_9911-1 G'ma reading a story to the boys who are watching TV at the same time. These kiddos of our are definitely multitalented!


enjoy J

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