Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 27 Daily December - Dancing in the rain

It has been raining on an off all day and humid and hot to make it worse. We had a minor emergency visit from G'ma and Papa today as they are travelling back to Wollongong to take Nanna back but we left Blankie at their place. Caden was ok for a night with out it but come the second night not good. So G'ma and Papa brought her back to Caden who was sooo pleased to see her.

I cleaned out Caden's room today getting rid of brown and unused toys and basically the crap that you accumulate. The toy box was emptied and all the pens and pencils are going into the pencil box now.

Later after all that is finished Daz started cleaning the back yard and the BBQ and the kiddos were 'dancing in the rain' aka the hose! They were so funny laughing the whole time.

IMG_0112IMG_0113IMG_0114IMG_0115IMG_0109  IMG_0117

and of course they finish it off with an argument!

enjoy J

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