Saturday, September 25, 2010

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All in a day! First day of school holidays. I had a shoot this morning, Daz took the boys shopping for a birthday present for Caden’s party this afternoon, priced getting some shirts screen printed, had a rest, watched the footy, Went to the markets on the lake and had lots of grins and giggles and chuckles and kisses and cuteness from the boys. Things are slowly moving in a direction that I want to see for me. my meds are into the first day of being decreased and I am finally feeling like there is a tiny bit of improvement. It may be that I am accepting what is happening and dealing with it a bit rather than sinking low low low to never feeling like me again. the boys and we are soo excited that ther eis only one more sleep and they get sleep overs at G’mas & Papa’s. I am not 100% sure who is the most excited but Ty might be. All day it was “ I have to pack my favourite toys and a few books and my pillow. then thinks a bit then oh an mum you can pack my clothes” lol too cute.

here are a couple of happy snaps from the afternoon just after they woke up from their naps.



IMG_5924IMG_5929IMG_5930IMG_5936IMG_5937kisses for mama :PIMG_5941

the AFL grandfinal was on and while my initial thoughts was to have a nanna nap I ended up feeling the need to be creative. so I dragged out the hot glue gun and ribbons and clips and elastic and had some girly creative time while watching the footy with Daz. IMG_5948IMG_5949

enjoy J

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