Thursday, September 9, 2010

He loves to write


And read and draw. Just lately Caden has been writing little notes and making little books. I love to find them and tonight again was playing iwth my new flash and bouncing it off the wall. C was so patient with me but  I am so glad because I got to capture the little things again like him reading, and and writing and “Mama how to you spell Darth Vader?” Yes my boys have discovered Star Wars.


I am so in awe of my boy as to how amazing he is every day. There is something new that he can do and say and he is gaining such confidence in himself that he can do things that he couldn't before. He is sounding out words and telling me rhymes what words rhyme with others and the sounds of blends and combinations of letters. This is amazing for us to watch and hear and absorb that our boy is really growing into himself and learning oh so much.


I also snapped a couple of pics that just make my heart smile.

his smile that says MUM!IMG_4268 

his giggle that has us laughing


I love the way he covers up his giggle with his hand. It isnt so chubby any more but oh this was my favourite shot


And a couple of mummy and me shots. IMG_4271IMG_4287

love you my Caden so very much



enjoy J

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Iowa Sunshine September 13, 2010 at 8:53 AM  

aww, what a bright, beautiful son you have!!! he is at the age of Star Wars for sure :). i love looking at children's handwriting ... so fun. thanks for sharing.




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