Tuesday, September 21, 2010

today the sun shone a little bit

both outside the windows and inside me. I am feeling a bit better today. I realised that this is how I will be for a little while and while I hate how it feels on the inside it isn’t too obvious on the outside. I am a bit quieter, I am a bit less smiley and I know a lot more snuggly with my boys. They are wonderful. lots of cuddles and kisses and love you mama’s.

I picked up my camera again today and just snapped some of our everyday life. the eggs we eat for breaky


and my favourite egg flip that I still wish I grabbed another one on sale!




the tap dripping that I swear will drive me batty one of these days!


so yeah today was better. tomorrow will be better still. I see improvement and now that the initial pity party is on the way out. time to enjoy me, my hubby, my family,  my kids and the things I love. the 2 hour nanna nap I took with Ty helped too!


love you


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