Friday, August 7, 2009

Pre-Wedding Dinner

The Pre-Wedding Dinner was on Tonight at my Aunt and Uncles place. Just about everyone was here that were travelling so we got to meet a lot of old friends of the family. (more for my parents as they remembered more than I did!) The boys have absolutely adored being around their cousins and have been so excited to play with them. Dinner was various roasts and veges, the boys had a tomato noodles dish as well made with their special noodles that all the kids ate. My brother came up as well so I got to see him for the first time in nearly a year. Mum insisted on him having photos taken and what a task! With my mother finally learning how to smile in photos (although she struggled this time!!) and Michael being silly there are quite a few out takes!! Tyler tried to make me eat his icky strawberry ice-cream cone and Caden and his cousin were happy to sit in a chair watching Bolt! All in all it was a great night to be able to catch up with family and meet new people.







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