Friday, August 7, 2009

Shopping, shopping and more shopping

The boys are over it! We have come up here and supposed to be on holidays as well as finding outfits for the wedding. Yeah well it has taken us all week to find me a dress, the boys an outfit each and Daz a shirt that will actually fit and go with his suit. Finally we found all that we need. So now we can relax a bit. I will admit that I love shopping but I have to say that 2 little active boys really don't like doing it everyday - although they didn't mind the toy shop!

Caden has his outfit and it is a very snazzy looking shirt and pants, Tyler has a three piece outfit with a very cute little vest to match. I have my ankle length red dress and Daz his suit with a black shirt and red tie. Caden has called his outfit his wedding dress and has asked every day to wear it!

We visited Toys R Us and came home with a game, some my little ponies and a Talking Diego doll with Click the camera and a rescue watch.

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