Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trying to catch up

Whew where is time going?

I have been so slack with my blogging lately, I haven't been able to keep up with editing my photos as I go either. The last few weeks have been really busy and just flown by. We started as you know with the Lazy Town and Zoo trip, then that was followed by dropping in to see G'ma for her birthday then we hit Townsville. Up there for 10 days, flew and drove home - the boys travelled really well. Thank goodness for such awesome technology now that in car DVD players are a godsend. Then home a day and I was back at work again. Saturday saw us off to Canberra for the weekend to catch up with friends and their two kids the same ages as the boys. We got some shopping in and then back home again where Caden was digging through my closet for some reason only know to him and discovered his transformer suit that is supposed to be for his birthday in November! oh well sin the two days since then he has barely been out of it! so since I have been so slack and not blogged here is a glimpse of our mornings (mostly) of the last 17 days!


As you can see we went from playing in the beach and pool to crappy foggy cold and dreary weather. But the sun has been shining the last couple of days and the boys are back at school and cranky from it. Ahh life is ever changing!

enjoy J

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