Wednesday, November 4, 2009

waiting for pizza

We found a restaurant tonight that sells gluten free pasta and pizzas for eat in and take-away! So we had to test it out as tonight was Daz & my anniversary. 9 years we have been married! The food was really yummy and Caden polished off half a medium pizza to himself! I had Marinara penne, Tyler had spag bol but ate more of my marinara than he did the spag (or wormy pasta as he calls it!). Daz got a Capricossa pizza which must have been good cause there is none left!!

Anyway while we were waiting Tyler and I grabbed the camera out of the car cause he was getting ratty being bored. I didn't bother asking Caden if we wanted pics as he always says no and whinges.

here are a few from a voluntary Caden and always willing to do it Tyler!

IMG_6735 11x15IMG_6739IMG_6746IMG_6748IMG_6756 11x15 5IMG_6759

I have to practice a bit more on panning and motion photography as it is a crack me up giggle-fest when Caden thinks he makes it tricky for me to get a photo!! ha ha!

enjoy J

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