Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mama can we got to the painted wall park?

I like the wobbly ladder! So we went back for some wall photos, some play photos and just because photos! He makes me laugh! We played pirates and we found buried treasure, dragged it up the steps and found gold!! We drove the big ship and walked the plank! IMG_8832IMG_8834_5x7

it is bit soft but he is a dude!

Mama tried to get me to look while bouncing on the see-saw nope but I laughed while I watched her try to bounce and shoot at the same time!

tyler bouncing  Running down the hill yelling RAAAAAAHHH! too funny and no I cannot focus for the life of me with him running!

IMG_8801  Argh me harties!IMG_8842_5x7

and I climbed the wobbly ladderIMG_8780_11x14_1

and I tried one of Mama’s lollies but you can see what I thought of it!



Enjoy j

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