Saturday, May 15, 2010

Start of a new game

Today was Caden’s first game of soccer. He did really well. He has 7 players in his team and he did really well at taking his turn on the field and off the field. They play only 4 a side on the field to start with which is really good. It was  a good thing that there is no penalty for hand balls! I tis funny how sitting on a sideline at a soccer game the yelling and cheering and the rules come back really quickly! I sat nearly every Saturday and as we got older Sundays down at a soccer field or two while watching Michael play. Now it is Caden’s turn!


IMG_7989IMG_8006IMG_8009>IMG_8012 Sports photography it certainly going to be a learning curve for me as well! I have to admit that I had more crappy ones that reasonable ones!


any way

enjoy C’s first game! 

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