Friday, May 7, 2010

Walk to school day

It was national walk to school safely day today and Cargill sponsored a breakfast for the kids at the park next to his school. They were also donating soccer and basketballs to the school. It was supposed to start about 8 so we went down and since no one was there the boys and I hit the park for a while.

We found a dragonfly that was glistening in the sun -


Then some play at the park, climbing – no sliding as it was too wet. but Ty managed to find every dirt plie he could to fall in!


And because you know I cant resist trying out person only shot here are a couple!


Ty took this!


IMG_7608 About to face off against the kids…


IMG_7621IMG_7622The kids had a great time and both of them went really well. Tyler had a little size 4 ball and he went and went and went! Caden really enjoyed it and kicked really well! puts him in good stead for next week when he starts soccer!  

Let the soccer begin! >IMG_7574IMG_7579IMG_7580IMG_7586IMG_7590IMG_7596  IMG_7570IMG_7573IMG_7592IMG_7594



And then he has had enough! oof but hey he is a cutie! lol!



enjoy j

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