Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mothers Day

Today is mothers day, My 5th official on and 6th unofficial (he was still in utero for that one!) It was a year that I got my first school made present – I’ll keep it a surprise till tomorrow (I have to take a pic then!) I got cuddles and kisses, I got flowers and choccies. mmm yummy!

and  I got family photos. We went to mum and dads house for the afternoon and it was really great. The boys had a blast and I got to spend some time with my mum which was awesome! I even got to try some new stuff as their house is in fabulous spots for backlighting!

IMG_7684_5x7IMG_7726IMG_7726bwIMG_6281_5x7 IMG_7704_5x7IMG_7707_8x10

and he cracks me up! I asked Ty to stand behind me and pull funny faces at G’ma…. this is what he did…IMG_7822

Thanks Mum for taking these! you are fabulous!

Enjoy J

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