Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Hat, New look for a loved spot…

Do you ever just have it all come together? I saw this awesome hat in a shop the other week and was sooo good. I left it there. Well the though has been lurking and lingering in my head I want that hat! So Tyler and I bought it and some bubbles. I have been taking little jaunts around the town looking for some new locations that are fun and different from green trees. And since there is all this glorious autumn colour still lingering who can resist a munchkin in a hat with  some room to play?IMG_9207IMG_9209IMG_9213


This is probably my most favourite one form the morning. The quirky look, the down in leaves just because I can dive in them and the hat all come together.  totally him! can you tell it is the are we done yet mum? shot?




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