Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dazza’s journey of the chicken pox


Yup since Caden and Tyler got the Chicken pox, Daz could not go without it either. Well it has now been 8 days since Tyler and Daz started showing signs and symptoms of the CP. – Tyler only had spots and a very slight fever on the first day and was fine the rest of the time. Well Dazza.. this is Sunday…

Flat on the couch. IMG_9988IMG_9989 

And this is Friday morning. Yup you guessed it he is in hospital being treated for Chicken pox pneumonia and the CP. Not only a really good dose of head to toe spots he has to get it in his lungs. The ER dr was fabulous had him hooked up to an IV pushing fluids within a couple of hours of getting to the ER, chest x-ray, blood tests the lot.


And then his oxygen saturations started dropping a bit so it was onto oxygen till today (Sunday)


Lots of observations and blood pressure readings, temp checks you know all the don't let you get good sleep type of stuff. Oh and did I mention quarantined too? yup private room door always shut and anyone not exposed or had CP to wear a mask/gloves/gown before entering. Good thing I have a)had it, b)live through Michael having it C) the kids having it. I guess I am fairly safe! :P IMG_0330

Oh and did I mention dehydration? yup add that to the list so 6 bags of IV fluid over 2 days has helped alot as well as 3-5 hourly antiviral drugs as well.



so that has been our week since Thursday. Dazza is still in there but on the road to recovery and home soon we hope. 


enjoy j

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