Saturday, June 19, 2010

focus fixing and a…..

sort of willing subject…




I saw a link to a new way of micro calibrating my lenses and I think that is has worked really well. So since my kitchen light is the brightest in the house at 8.30 at night I then upped the ISO to 3200 :O opened the ap up to 1.8 or 2.8 cant remember which lens I had on and here she is! woohoo in focus cat!

so that was my night’s success!

such a shame that a) it is night time I can’t really get out and give my camera really good test out

B) ty has chicken pox

C) I have the flu

D) Daz is sick on the couch flat on his back


sooooo tonight is gonna be a just Josy night tonight! (well I could post the pic of my toe but really do you need to see my nicely in focus toe? I don’t think so! :P ha ha)


enjoy J

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